How To Overcome Negativity -In Lock down

Let’s know here , where has been hidden negativity?

Let us enjoy STAY AT HOME

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Nowadays every time  and everywhere there is a discussion about negative people.Everywhere there  are Quotes saying ”avoid negative people”

Now when I am thinking about this line I think that the
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person who has written this line is with full of positive thoughts or when we also think that front person is negative means we are totally positive. Then I want to ask the positive people that if you are positive then where there is a question of negativity? If you are positive then what is the use of your positivism?the-Liebster-award/

Today for this positivism we are losing our families? If in our family our grandmother is negative then we are leaving her anywhere. But we didn’t know that after she went from our home we became the senior person in our life. What situations have faced our grandmother or father i must have to face it now. Chaitra-Gauri-celebration-welcome-spring-seaso

Not the case for grandmother or father but in a husband-wife relationship also if a husband is not behaving nicely left him to put another home or make another husband it spoils 3 families that are of husbands family, wife family & kids family if they have.

In case today we are getting everything nonliving [material ] things easily, so we can leave easily living things   & reducing our tolerance power, adjustment power, controlling power & focusing power./how-to-deal-with-todays-relationship-in-lock-down/ #Relationship #Lock_down

So what to do with this positivism? If your children are negative, Maybe he carried his negativity since past birth can you leave him anywhere? Can you give a guarantee to anyone that i never become negative in life? Are you living positively in all life? Negativity comes along with the situation. Or with front person behavior also./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid-20/

I think that it is easy to work with positive people but the person who is living happily with the negative person is the real God in this period. As it is very hard to adjust negative people. e s that accept every relationship as it is. Means today so many people are telling that parents should become friends with their sons, its true for understanding but for some situations we must have to accept that they are parents never become professional friends. 

Same thing with mother in law, today so many daughters are expecting from their mother in law they should behave like their mothers but it never happens we must have to accept her as a mother in law. Some mother in laws are expressing it clearly & it is correct.How can she become the mother?It will happen when the daughter in law accept her as it is then after some days automatically she starts to love her & get closer then she thinks that she is like my daughter, not the daughter.  In some case not everywhere.As today every relationship is depending on selfish bonding. No one is there to love you unconditionally.

In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both & then they start to accept as a husband or wife.

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