Mango Cake Recipe – Birthday Cake

Check here new style os making cake at home

Let us learn here Mango recipes .

Yesterday we have birthday of my elder son.We never celebrate his birthday by making cake but this year due to Lock down I decided to celebrate it in a simple way at home.To feel positive, energetic and to turn our mind for happiness. To forget present situation.

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This cake is so simple that it can make easily.Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

20 20 40

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango cake recipe

serve for 4

Keyword : Mango cake recipe


Mango juice : 1bowl

wheat flour : 1bowl

baking powder: 1 tbsp

eating soda :1 tbsp

ghee: 2 tbsp

Milk : 1 cup

sugarpowder ; 1 bowl

PROCEDURE : Keep cooker to heat by adding salt to it ,before making cake for 15 minutes with medium gas.How To Make Biscuit Cake Without Oven- Cake Recipes

Take all ingredients in one thali.

: Keep all ingredients ready in the bowl.

: Now take small container and add one by one ingredients to it.

; Add juice and milk by stirring it with its requirement.

: Stir it well to make perfect paste like batter.

: Now take empty tiffin of cooker and spread ghee to it.

: Pour the batter of cake in the tiffin and keep this tiffin slowly in the cooker. how-to-make-coconut-cake-at-home-birthday-cake/

: Keep the lid on it by removing whistle of it.

: Keep it for 20 minutes , after 20 minutes remove it.

: Make decoration of it and celebrate birthday.

INSTRUCTION : Keep the flame of gas medium .

: Instead of mango use mango juice to make it fast and perfect.

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