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Make Your Business With Your Hobby

My favorite hobby is reading

.Hobby, whatever may be it, it could be learn from our natural habits. To nourish hobby from childhood or by hereditary, man should have good virtues & if your virtues get matched with your situation or atmosphere that becomes any persons long life hobby.

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At starting we are using it as a hobby but automatically it could transfer in to business. We can’t believe on it. My hobby is started from my childhood that is when I started to read I am reciting poems, rhymes or stories with nice tunes as a singer or as an actor and so that I would concentrate my mind with it and due to concentration I could understood its meaning clearly and then I am grasping easily everything and so that I started to love reading../effects-of-fear-in-daily-life-exit-covid/

This hobby is totally different from other hobbies; we could keep it anywhere, so it could remain long life. Specialty of this hobby is we can use and carry it’s instruments any where We can buy it anywhere. It is cheapest and favorable instrument (hobby) to anyone. Our mind would become stable from it. We get current knowledge from it anywhere with the help of news paper.It also gives plenty of benefits./send-good-vibes-_-exit-covid/
World’s great leaders (international) became leader due to reading for example. Mahatma Gandhi Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela etc. All these people had read longest epics and made a revolution in the world. Dr. Ambedkar had done lot of work to buy the books

Who has a habit of reading they could absorb all the things and so that they produce creative thoughts from their life and they could understood facts of life.

Our great leader Swami Vivekananda read every day one epic and He could understand and tells which line is on which page number.

We know that when any country produces scientist, Doctors, Engineers or professor, they are becoming as they attach with reading. Without reading never produce anything in the world.
So that this is the most valuable cheapest hobby and we can use it anywhere. Its instrument also we could get anywhere and from this we could study other hobbies, we could use it in any field of life. Whatever may be problems and difficulties would come in life. It could make everyone’s life strong, fearless and make everyone’s life prosperous so any one could use it. He will become valuable.

How could we make habit of reading?

1] First we will decide what we should have to read.

2] Read with full confidence, with peaceful mind in a silent place.

3] If you want to make habit of reading then it should be start in the childhood by reading some stories, fantasies, or some Novels etc.

4] Read every time anything, but especially motivational and self help books.

5] If you concentrate on reading don’t read it now, read after

6] Keep one aim to read any contest.

7] To get the best result of reading read continuously.

Benefits of Reading

1] Reading gives us knowledge and we can use it in profession

2] It could give direction to overcome hurdles and obstacles in our life

3] We could make all trends from reading.

4] Reading makes our thought perfect for life and it increase power of goal setting and confidence

5] Who will read more, he will become leader of every society.

6] Reading increases intelligent, grasping power, absorption power, observation power,and curiosity. Which benefits give you hobby? refer this link to your friend and earn 25 % commission.       

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