Our Loving Parents – Gratitude In Akshay Tritiya 2020

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We know that everyone’s most loving persons are parents. Parents are the supernatural court of supernatural haters. Every parent accepts their children as it is. Maybe they behave nicely with them or not. If parents are over 70 years also. They can’t speak to their sons or daughters they can’t hear their words they can’t look to their children but they are always thinking positive with their children, As 70 age means every parent is pure with tremendous love and having positive energy and sending bliss to their care taker.

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 Nowadays youth generation became very practical thinking that parents are the hurdle in our happiest life but how it is possible? If we do not accept parents as it is then there is a conflict. We have created an image of our parents, that my parents should be like this and parents also creating an image about their children. That my son or daughter should be like this if that image is not matched with my image. Then there is a generation gap or conflict. With their perception They are right and with children’s perception., Children are also right but how can understand perceptions of others? That is also a generation gap.

In practical life we think that if any hurdle is there  in our life, then our  progress will stop but if we consider hurdle as a stone in the flowing river, then water hits to that stone and it goes on that stone after some days that stone become  smooth .so  if we consider, parents are ‘’stone’’ in the water and we are’’ flowing water ‘’then there is  no any harm to that water as well as stone. how-to-deal-with-todays-relationship-in-lock-down/ 

Everyone needs love in their life. If daughter in law came at home then parents become insecure thinking that my son and daughter in law can’t attend to us so they behaving differently and we feel that in our home root of the conflict is our parents.

However, maybe parents behave with son aggressively, angrily impolitely, rudely or whatever may be it but their purpose to their child is never wrong. Their original love also never reduce. They never create bad thoughts about their child.

To understand parents we have to experience life. In Marathi, there is a proverb that if we are in any danger zone then automatically we pronounce “ Aai Ga” means we remember our mother or father with “ Bap Ray “words  So to understand real parents we have to go in the danger zone. Or we have to go closer to God, recite mantras as to lead a simple life.

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