How To Deal With Fear Of COVID – In Lock down

Understand here how to deal with fear of CORONA VIRUS

Hi friends, you may be thinking that why did I am writing only on this topic? But , when I have heard this world COVID since that time my inner voice is telling that your birth is for this purpose the people who are indulged in this wicked cycle , you must have to take them out.

Do you know there is one story behind fear?In our Indian culture, we have a lot of stories about coconut trees and we say ” Imaginary tree” or ”WISHING TREE” means whatever may be we wish or we are demanding under that tree it will complete automatically. So one man sat under that tree and he demanded his wish like this ”oh ! If I will have a good meal and nice bungalow how much nice to me” then he got automatically all.

He started to demand a lot of wishes and his every wish was completing and at last, he wished as a one fearful wish that if any ghost will come here and he will eat me then really ghost came there and he has eaten him.

So moral of this story is positive thoughts create positive things and negative thoughts create a negative thing

Our Parents:  Another reason for fear is ignorance of his parents and lot of error when they are growing their kids. In childhood when children have been not eating then we are giving him fear” see ghost will come and eat you” or like this a lot fear to enter in his mind and he grows up with this fear.

How to stop living with fear |

Lack of faith: Sometimes so many people are not accepting GOD’S presence where is GOD show us. This universe, This nature is working on some special rules but we are not accepting it and our mind is filled with a lot of doubts.But the person who has knowledge of 7 rules of nature is always away from all fear.

Coping with Fear:


So many times any big accident will happen or any bad incidence also causing to increase our fear as it’s danger impressions hold in our mind and we carry it all over the life and this fear creates a lot of disturbance in our life.

SOME DAILY REASON: In our home, if any child has broken anything then parents are scolding them loudly and this voice creates fear in his mind. Sometimes it remains as it is in their mind continuously  and its effects on their success or carrier.

COVID -Fear : This fear has made our life very difficult. So many people are affecting their life style . Govt. also kept strict rules to overcome this disease. But , I think that may be this disease is contagious but never become more harmful than our toxic thoughts. 

As we know that sneezing , cough and cold are the symptoms of this disease . Then do you know we have how many ways sneezing? 

 Let us read above post you will understand how did we are indulging in the wicked cycle due to lack of real knowledge and easily going to Quarantine. If we 

will understand basic reasons of symptoms of sneezing and cough we can easily keeping away a big fear of COVID . If we will be away from fear there is no any possibility to come any virus near to us. We are creating negative energy and calling to the virus near to us. 

Many times our lots of doubts creates a lot of diseases. If we will assume that I have pain in the back for the slight pain and keeping attention on it. It will definitely increases pain in the back. However nowadays the whole world is focusing on it , all channels, newspapers, people, politicians, etc  focusing here. Then what will happen? Can we will come out of it? Maybe virus is very dangerous but is it possible that we can caught him by keeping position strict? 

It is good to be taking care of it. But , we must have to remove him from our mind. If you will remove him from your mind, definitely he never come near to you. 

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