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Door To Door Marketing _ Exit COVID _20

Today people are in so much 😭 they need daily products compulsory. If we will decide to bring daily needs as like vegetables, cosmetics, regular clothes,some utensils, electronic, electric appliances, which need us daily. Will bring some infections. If we will decided to go to the shop from each home one person means definitely it will create crowd at the shop. Instead if vehicle will come on the door the needy persons will catch the van and he will buy his needy things. It will reduce crowd. As van can stop in front of your home.

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Another thing is it will spread happiness in the people’s mind. They feel some hope will remove their stress , fear.Now we must have to work on fear. If we will work on the fear for COVID _20 we will win this fight.

I think that people are dying with fear more than virus. They are calling their death before their date with fear.

I think that we have our death infront of us. When, didn’t know but why we are dying today with full of fear. I know my death is tomorrow but why I am disturbing my today’s life? We must have to enjoy our today with full of happiness.

So say thanks to God that we are 🙏 happy ,why did worry for tomorrow? So keep remembering to the God and celebrate your life. Click on the link to watch the video. Click here to watch the video.

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