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When our spirit brings into action , automatically you will become spiritual person.

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Spiritual is the one who is using his original spirit into action.   When the situations are challenging and I am holding that situation by keeping values with the stable mind, then really I am using spirituality in my life.

       Spirituality means without any ego, the attachment I heal myself with my inner power

     The person who is spiritual he always uses his authentication power in his life.

     Spiritual person means who is away from stress, anger, anxiety, irritations, greed etc.

       A spiritual person is always close to God AND  he takes his decisions by believing in God with authentication powers.

A spiritual person always staying with the present and he never thinks about the past, he makes the solution by his own intellect. He forgives to anyone for his mistake so that his relationships can bind tightly He always remains in present and he never thinks about the past.

   The person who is spiritual he always uses his authentication power in his life. This power easily transmits anger into love, insult into an optimist.

    Spirituality is not different from personality but a spirituality is a personality. It’s not for a specific time.

     When spirituality brings in to action then sansakar will change, when sanskar changes our actions changes. Actions repeat actions means habits, habits make personality and personality makes destiny and so spirituality makes our destiny.

 When we are in contact with spiritual person automatically he spread love, compassion, happiness.peace  and so we say that when we are in contact with any saint we get automatically everything with multiple quantities.

  Spirituality reduces desire, it keeps any person calm. it makes thought management.

A spiritual person is the top most optimist person in the world. He creates enthusiasm, positivity everywhere.

In today’s life, it is very hard to say that spirituality also converted into a profession. It’s okay everyone’s opinion but   some how when  any person    turn into the  the profession he has to change his original qualities that is love, compassion, emotions and  sensitivity so he loses his spiritual power.

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