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What Gives Us An Unemployment – Carrier Consultancy

What gives us unemployment?

How Unemployment is horrible for the next generation?- Today’s problem. 

This is today’s horrible question which is making us more worried. In every family, someone is worried about it. Today’s statics report showing lakh’s of candidates are living a life with an empty mind. And the important thing is that the young generation is in a horrible situation. Maybe they are from a village or city life.

Today’s generation is losing their faith to learn in education. They are thinking that if any candidate is earning by spending a lack of money on education and earning only 10,,000 per month then what is the use of that education? Then some non-educated people think that we are great as a simple milkman or Subji vendor earning Monthly above 30,000 Rs. Then

Why did education? With this question, a lot of students in the village or city have left their education. Nothing is getting n education. Another thing is that educated candidates after getting a good job they are leaving their parents, leaving their family or sisters. Living life only for himself or for his own life. This situation also creating a lot of depression towards a good job. Or parents also not taking an interest in the job for their sons & daughters.

Nowadays I have a big question that why did today’s youth generation not union against unemployment? I think they didn’t have any support from any political or on any social group.

But this case is calling and an invitation to Fascism.

The candidate who has been indulged in this situation has to face a lot of difficulties alone. After that he becomes tired, disappoints, losing desire, confidence, etc.

Do you know today why did no. of channels is increasing? They have a competition to run their business. So they are opening a lot of employment for their channels. Of them, some journalists, reporters, some politicians, are creating for their business. With these businesses increasing violence problems, increasing castism and some religious problems. So that democracy becomes weak. People are losing their faith in the direction of democracy.

Losing their interest in politics. Taking misbenefit of it politicians creates a new group or increasing corruption in society.

Let us we will see what problems create due to unemployment in the youth generation?

1]  Not getting work and opportunity to keep mind calm. – If we want to creative society then, we must have to create jobs for the students. As work is worship and everyone likes to work. Creating work for the youth generation brings humanity in society. Unemployment keeps away to bring the opportunity to make good work for society.

2] Leaves Hopes For His Life. : An intelligence of a person increases with their increasing work. If any candidate has to waste his life in searching for the job that much that person’s ability will be getting reducing. This situation becomes very hard to search for a job for any difficult people.

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This type of depressed, empty-minded, youth attracts to the addiction. Then they can catch alcohol, chars, ganja, affu, etc. This can affect their health. It brings poverty in society.


No job, no marriage, it can increase the age of students. Then how to stop hunger for sex? Then they can attract to the call girls, Today in Delhi or in so many metro cities have the difficult problem for the girls who are wondering after 7 o clock. Today’s dating business bringing a lot of sexual diseases. They didn’t get medicines to take good treatment on it.

5] INCREASES SOME FAKE ATTRACTIONS. : We are doing some work like running a tea canteen, running Vada Pav vehicle, some business like multilevel marketing which brings fake attraction towards the youth generation.


Creating a habit to do not work. Then if they have got any work then also they think that laziness is good. If they have a good farm to work there but they didn’t want to work there. Suppose any parents have given him support to do any businesses but he thinks better to make aish with his empty friends. If he got any work he will reach late to that work. In the working time, he is only watching on the mobile. Then he loses his job & Now employed a person to become an unemployed person. 


The person who has the fear of losing his job is making harassment of his wife. Beating his wife. Makes any type of violence on the road. Firing the vehicles becomes the main time pass for his life.


The job which has less work and easily available becomes a must to do it. Becoming a low-level reporter, becoming an assistant of the politician, brings some attraction to them. Their starting starts with 100 newspapers news. Or bringing 100 people to attend the politician’s speech. This work gives them a good contract. Then after some days, they understand that where is real politics? how did I will get a good benefit from this party?. In which party I will get a good income or position etc. Creates a big business in the society. Thoughts of any party or values spoil with it. Then from these groups, anyone becomes a great leader. But the lessons which they have learned in the unemployment situation never forget from their life. Then journalism, politics become good business.

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