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Hi Friends, you may be think that I have food website and how you are writing mental health posts. But , I want to explain here that ,I have overcome some patients with my counseling and it has better health.

Only one unfortunate thing in my life is that in my college day life before knowing anything about psychology to me my elder brother had been addicated to the drinking and at that time I didn’t know anything about it. He lost his life.With this event I am going a lot of time in depression. I thought that if I would be able to handle him he definitely cure with it.

Then after my mother had been left hopes to live her life, she every time thinking that ,I want to die since 25 years. And every time she catches some infection and she has to admit in the hospital.When I have studied psychology , I started to counseling them means she and her sisters. Her all sisters were telling that must have to die early. Why did we have to live? Now everyone’s marriage’s has been finished everyone is happy in their life , etc. Then I have counseling them to live life.

After that my sister has been suffered from Kidney. We have tried a lot of ways to save her but failed. Before suffering from it she was in depression

then I have given her counseling everyday 1 hour. She increased her life span 10 years after suffering from depression.

Already my husband was a patient of schizophrenia. If he would have been started to talk, he continuously talking some time 1/2 an hour and some time 1 hour. Suppose we want to counsel them he became so furious that with his speaking dogs also started to barking. This situation is 24 hours in my life. Still I am happy and have shared this much work with audience. I overcome all this with the help of spiritual knowledge, spiritual practices and psychological knowledge.

Meanwhile my Mama had been suffered from brain hammerer had admitted in the nearest home hospital. I went to meet him. He was in the ICU , he was filled with so much fear that , he left his hopes and thinking that now he will die. Her wife, daughter, son everyone had been left their hopes.Thinking that what will be happen we will accept. Then I have given

counseling to whole family, especially her wife and Mama. Trained them to be positive in this situation.Then they have removed their fear, increased their confidence, hopes , etc Now he is completely Okay. I have too much satisfaction with it.

In this way I have given counseling to so many patient I didn’t remember small events but so many families, couples counseling to remain happy. Now they are happy in any situation.







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