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Why Should We Eat Rice – Health Benefits

Get here health benefits of Dal rice.

We know that rice is the main food of so many countries or states. In India Andhraprdesh, Telanganaa, Konkan in Maharashtra, some part of Karnataka , Aasam, MP, UP ,Himachal Pradesh, Bihar , etc

I think if we will say whole part of the country, has rice is the favorite food.One important thing about rice food is we can make it easily. Even if we will teach to the small kid , he can also make it easily. It can eat fast in a hurry .No need to bite and waste time in eating.

why should we eat rice/
http://why should we eat rice/


There is a say that by eating rice we can increase our weight. We think that we have a belly stomach due to eating rice.Or some people says that due to eating rice body pain starts.I have experienced it for some days.But,we never says that rice is not good for us.Otherwise to the small babies and old aged people we are giving only rice.

why we should eat rice/health benefits/
http://Why we should eat dal rice-health benefits/

Let us we will see how rice is useful to us?


Eating Dal rice keeps your heart healthy. As well as it can control blood sugar. Also it is good for digestion and giving dark sleep at night.Eating

rice keeps our intestine strong as well as it can keep away problem of constipation.


Rice contains large amount of amino acid which is good for brain health. It can affects on muscles. It contains Methionin, VitaminB1, and registent starch,Amino acid contains more Sulphur so it can overcome so many problems of skin.

why we should eat dal rice/health benefits/
http://why we should eat dal rice/health benefits/

As well as to look young we must have to eat rice.


It can help to remove toxins of Liver. To remove wrinkles of face , whitening of the hair . Rice is best solution. For the treatment of Cancer also rice is more important.

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