How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Home – Easy Tips

Food poisoning is the danger reaction in the world . Get to know here , how to avoid food poisoning at home.?

Nowadays 80% people are aware about food poisoning. We are taking strictly care to avoid food poisoning. Still some events happens and so many people have to lose their life due to food poisoning.

In India it happens in more proportion, generally it can happen when we are making the food for so many people. That is Prasad for God, school food distribution program, or in the marriage, in any short program, etc.

Main reason of food poisoning is eating stale food. And small insects as like ants, cockroach, some germs from the basin.

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Sometimes if we didn’t know how to eat food in the right way to keep our body healthy? Then also we create ourselves poison in our food thinking that we are eating right.

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Let us we will discuss here What are the basic ways to get food poisoning?

1] If we will make food in the Aluminium vessels it can produce poison in the food.

2] We have the habit to eat same food after some time but, eating food after 48 minutes , after cooking reduces nutritional value from the food and it can create small amount of poison in the food. If we will eat daily in this way food , how much poison we are taking in our body?

3] After 15 days of use any flour it maybe wheat flour, Jowar flour, Basen flour . It completely reduces nutritional value and creates some Germs in the flour .These Germs produces poison in our flour.

4] Eating curd with hot rice or with any hot food create dangerous poison.

5] Avoid to drink more times tea, coffee, wines, eating tobacco, drinking cigarettes , etc creates poison in our body. These items already contains harmful products which can create poison in our food.

6] Keeping food open , making food without cleaning grains, without washing vegetables, eating fruits without washing, drinking water with dirty hand, touching the food with dirty hand. Keeping the food in the fridge for more time. Definitely create poison in the food.

7] Never use fridge to keep the food for more than 3 hours.

8] Throw the stale vegetables which are kept in the fridge since so many days. These vegetables or fruits reduces the nutrient value of it and it can create germs in it and it turns it into poison.

9] 90% diseases produces due to stomach infection and we know perfectly that what is the reason of stomach infection.

10] 160 % of diseases produces due to eating nonvege as like meat, fish, beef, etc, so be aware while eating it.

11] Creating hatred thoughts , anger, jealousy , stress while making food also creates poison in the food.


1] Always eat fresh food, avoid to eat stale food.

2] Every time bring fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid to keep these things more days in the fridge.

3] Avoid to eat stored food as like milk, curd of more days, buttermilk, cheese, cream ,juice, butter . Maybe we think that it is good, as it is in the fridge but it reduces its nutrient value and produces germs easily in the body. It can create a lot of body pain.

4] Never eat opposite diet as like oil and ghee at the same time,hot rice and curd , banana and curd, some fruits and curd, so many oily food with buttermilk ,cold and hot, etc.

5] Avoid to eat sour things at night. Eat before 8 o clock at night .As there is a say in India eating late at night means creating poison in the body.

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