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Get here reasons of effective communications.


Today we are aware in every part of life. We are trying to be the best in life to get peace, happiness, satisfaction. Do you know the key to everything in life is communication skills? If you want to be a success in any field we must need communication skills.

We know that our communication skill depends on listening skill or sometimes it depends on the front person. But, if we have patience and have a better skill to turn front person thoughts immediately then it can work better. We know that in the same family we say that one mother in law has a different relationship with different daughter in law. The main reason behind it is one daughter in law has the better skill to handle mother in law with communication and vice versa.

We have a lot of examples on the bus, railway or in any queue where a small reason can disturb the happy way of traveling. The reason behind it is


1] If the front person couldn’t get, what this person is telling? Means one person is telling one thing another is telling another thing at that time miss conversation occurs. This disturbs the surroundings. We can’t proceed here.

2] Sometimes misunderstanding about the front person also spoils conversation./weight-loss-diet-for-everyone-Jowar-roti/

3] If any person has good respect in the family or society then any person can easily listen to him thinking that he/she is a wise person. I must have to go with him. At that time both conversations get the good meaning. They never carry any type of anger, misunderstanding, ego, etc. This type of conversation works better everywhere. That respected person becomes the topmost personality in that surrounding.

4] Before making conversation with any person if we have decided to confirm without losing your control. I must have to say any words, softly and lovingly it definitely works in this way.vitamin-b-importance-and-deficiencies/

5] Sometimes any person creates anger or conveys wickedly with the next person. Purposely due to carrying misunderstanding, ego, want to take revenge then definitely conversation takes the form of fight. We know that

with a small reason there are a lot of conflicts./why-did-anxiety-mental-health-reason/

6] Having good knowledge to express thoughts carries definitely a good conversation.

7] Better way for communication is to keep a positive attitude and faith about the front person. That he is my good listener and he can convey me nice anytime.

8] Awareness, love, feeling positive, care for the front person and respect definitely bring effective communication./why-did-anxiety-mental-health/

9] We know that in the school if the teacher is scolding on the students loudly still all students are keeping quiet as there is big respect about a teacher. This conversation never destroys any relationship.

10] So to run the families or societies maybe we known a lot of wrong things about an elder person still we must have to keep quiet and show respect with them to run the society or family. Like small students. If you want to be clear some matter with an elder person then you have to show them complete faith in them.


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