Why Did Anxiety -Mental Health [ Reason]

Check here well known reasons of anxiety.

Hi friends, in the last content we have seen some important reasons for anxiety. In today’s life, a lot of life skills institutes, counselors, mental health psychiatric are researching on it. Get reasons here.

Since ancient times, we know that some famous kings, Spiritual Guru’s, Spiritual leaders, as like Sai Baba, Swami Samarth, some Indian gods like Rama, Laxmana, Krishana, Parshurama, Khandoba, etc are carrying some times a lot of anger with them. Why? Do you know? Because they want some transformation in the universe. And actually, they have made a lot of transformation in the world. We know that Parshurama is the king of anger. Goddess Durga is also the strongest form of anger. When any lady is working with anger we definitely say she has taken the form of Durga.

I want to say here that sometimes anger is better to run the system. We say that type of anger is ”Satwik Anger” we are not taking it into the consideration. Like parents scolding on their kids to give them better teaching. Saints, Spiritual Guru’s, parents, elder persons who want to keep family or society in the rules must have to accept their anger at the proper time.

So let us check here how did Anxiety come in our life. 

1] The Most welcome reason for anxiety is ego. The egoist person always carries ego and spoils surrounding. They always think that I am the highest personality in the world. No one is better than me. So they are always dominating the front person. This is also one type of mental disorder.

2] Getting irritated for the small reason is the reason for some health problems like eating less vitamin food or eating more spicy food, eating more garlic and onion. We know that while cutting the onion we get irritating then how much it will create irritations in our mind.

3] Some time some people purposely getting anxious to show their status to the front person. To dominate the next person. In the husband’s wife relationship, this happens often but, to run family ladies are tolerating it as it is. And it is telling right in the Indian family.

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4] If any person is carrying more worries, he has no future, stress, if he has a lot of ideas but can’t do anything. He may have lost his original creativity, he may be suppressed anywhere due to any reason or have to take control anytime to run his life. Then definitely his anxiety will come out in any form.

5] Sometimes we have to be kept quiet to run the situation and this process continuous in anyone’s life then his anxiety will express in any form but it will turn this form in another situation with the help of spiritual healing. It will create another beautiful creation which is very good for society or the world.

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