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Today’s life becomes very competitive, there s a huge fear of competition that if another person is ahead of me? With this sentence, we have to lose so many powers. With this thought, we are losing our relationship, peace, satisfaction, etc. So we have a lot of problems in the relationships, worries about future, insecurity about the future, etc and we are carrying a lot of fear in the mind, losing our real happiness, real love, real health, real food, etc and losing our sleep.

But, still what to do for this position? We must have to get all these things but without disturbing all the above qualities.

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Let us we will see here what to do for it?

1] Do meditation and recite some mantras in the morning.

2] With good intention we have to realize some things in the meditation.

3] Observe your self is I am on the right track? How I am? Where I am? What I am?

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4] I know today we have a lot of work at night but we have to do this work without burden, if we will do it with more burden then definitely we will disturb our life and creating so many other health problems.

5] The most important thing is, keeping faith in our sleep that, I can sleep easily, I didn’t have to do any efforts to sleep every day. I can sleep very well at any time.

Don’t keep these thoughts while working every time otherwise, your sleep will become your lovely sister/friend and any time she will run with you. This is very damaging to progress you.

6] Do some physical work, so that you could get easily tired. And a tired person can sleep easily.

7] Try to remove your worries, try to give your worries to God and think that he is doing best for all. Keep complete faith in him.

8] Keep in mind that God never does anything bad for us, he made a beautiful world to do good for us.

9] Never concentrate on your negative thoughts, if thoughts are coming to turn your mind anywhere

10]Try to take blessings from everywhere. No one will have the daring to touch even your smallest hair.

11] Always work for good karma as giving motivation to anyone, help for poor, keeping love in the relationship, remove your ego, etc.

12] Say thanks to God while sleeping as he has given you a good day.

If you can’t sleep with the above things then do the following things.

1] Drink buttermilk with salt, sugar, ginger powder, cumin powder, etc.

2] Make a paste of ”Jaiphal” and apply it on your forehead.

3]Eat Brinjal with honey, eat cashew nuts, almonds, raisins.

4] Make Masaj on your head, enter cow ghee in the nose.

5] Avoid drinking more times tea, coffee, etc as it can create lactic acid in cramps at night and we can’t sleep well.

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