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Corona Virus problem -HEALTH
Today everywhere there is this discussion. We are living in a fearful atmosphere. As we are also suffering from the bad weather situation. There is a lot of people who are suffering from common viral infection but due to tremendous fear some doctors are admitting to the patient. Checking their bloods. Have a lot of pressure to every family now.
We must have to release from it . We have to find a good solution for it.


symptoms of corona virus/
http://symptoms of corona virus/
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http://spreading of corona virus/
symptoms of 2019 corona virus/
http://symptoms of 2019 corona virus/

There is news in our ‘LOKMAT” paper that , China had been hide the news ” This Virus has been spread from Behan Sea food market” which has been opened by American senator TOM COTTON. It has been started from Bhuan’s Institute Of Virology. But he didn’t give any type of evidence for it. But any way Dr Venilyang has to suffer from death with it. This news is spreading some dangerous doubt in the world.
Dr Venilyang had been explained in the December Month that , Corona Virus will spread everywhere and we didn’t have any medicine for it.He has also given information about it in the social media. China Police has been arrested him for it on 1st Jan 2020. After that he had been told to the police that , what we have published in the social media is wrong . Then he has joined on 3 Jan again but he caught ”CORONA VIRAL INFECTION” and he left his body.
But, now there is a discussion that China has been developed this type of Virus. Some countries are participating in the biological discussion for it. America, China,France, Briton ,etc.
Anyway there is more worry about this Virus .Means if this Virus will be entered in the terrorist life then it is very dangerous to the living beings. As today some newspapers are giving us information about it that ” It can infect to the 40 Crore people in the future.” As this is the easy way to kill the people for terrorists.
Any way if any dangerous situation comes in the universe by nature there is only way to pray to the Universe for good thoughts. As every creation has the seed thought. So if we will away from these thoughts and keeps these thoughts with us ”means no any Virus will entered in our country or in the body in any case ” It will definitely work better. As thoughts vibrations are very powerful than any virus.

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