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Vitamin B Importance and Deficiencies

Check here in daily life where we are missing Vitamin B and its deficiencies?

Do you know when did we are losing our happiness? Or becoming more anxious? What is the criteria to be happy in health? Why did we become pale or sometimes more disappoint. Answer of these questions simply goes to Vitamin B.

In everyday life we didn’t keep attention to these things instead we like to eat more tasty, delicious food. But if B Vitamin will get reduced in our body we have to face so many challenges. As Vitamin B is the king of our life source how it is we will see here.

First we will see from where we get Vitamin B/


1] Generally, it is found in leafy vegetables, milk, sprouts, rice, the old rice which is of pink color. Giving rich smell while eating. Or spreading scent everywhere while cooking. This type of rice we are getting easily in our childhood. This rice contains a large amount of Vitamin B . wheat, Jowar, Bajara, etc

2] Cane sugar juice, some types of fruit juice, our dates are filled with Vitamin B. some dry fruits as like Orchid, pasta, cashew nuts, almonds etc also contains more Vitamin. Today we are getting Vitamin B in the more proportion in the chocolate, Biscuits, some ice creams, some sprout food, all fermented food also contains large type of Vitamin B. It is good for our health.

3] We found it in the milk, cheese, milk products, eggs, liver,kidney, all types of meat, fishes.

4] All types of beans, red beans, pulses, Jowar Roti, some dark vegetables as like Spinach, Methi leaves or so many leafy vegetables. Especially our ghee is completely filled with Vitamin B.

Soya products such as Soya milk,


1] Mostly small kids have this problem .As they are not eating leafy vegetables, drinking milk, not eating nuts, etc so they become more anxious, angry or creates irritations, some times crying loudly without any reason.

2] Creates patches on the tongue, rashes on the skin, loss of appetite, irritations, guts problems, swallowing in the esophagus,skin shows pale appearance, feeling weakness, creates fatigue, losing wishes,desire, creates

disappoint thoughts.

3] Gastrointestinal disorder results due to loss of Vitamin B , anemia, Vitamin B-12 deficiency ,premature grey hair .

4] Leads to create depression, loss of appetite, extreme exhaustion,drowsiness,muscle pain, grayish skin color.

5] We know there are so many types of Vitamin B. To avoid confusion I didn’t have given their names to you. Only you have to keep in mind that where we get Vitamin B, and what are its deficiencies?

6] Some deficiency creates depression,nervousness,extreme fatigue,irritability,eczema, constipation,headache, digestive disorders, premature hair color turns in to gray.

7] Creating confusion, losing memory, changes brain functions, some times creates swelling in the head. hair fall, rashness of hair, hair becomes dry, skin changes appearance.

8] Swelling in the mouth, eyes vision getting to reduce. pain in the legs or body.

9] Insomnia, creating mental disorder, fatigue, no interest in life ,etc.

10] Creating stress, worries, pressure, anger , anxiety etc. Vice versa these things reduces Vitamin B from our body.

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