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Happy Sunday friends, we know that Sunday means working on a different energy. After working 6 days we need some rest or some enjoyment to live life. Another thing is that we have a lot of work in another days so we can’t be happy. Now we have decided to be more happy on Sunday so since in the morning we are working for it. Then this new work is starting from our new style of breakfast. As everyday some people are taking breakfast but in a different way.

So some breakfasts are so easy that they can make easily no need to give more time for it. Just take ingredients and make instant things.

So today I have decided to make Rava Dhokla which can make easily with another work .

Let us check how I have made it fast and delicious in less time along with making afternoon meal.

Time for it

prep cook total

30 min 20 50 min

Authors name: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine : India

food type : Dokala recipes.

keyword: Dhokla Recipes- Rava Dhokla

serve for 4

apparatus : cooker, tiffins


Rava : 250 gm

green chhole : 50 gm

paste of greenchilly: 2 tbsp

Yogurt: 1 small bowl

salt : 2 tbsp

sugar juice : 2 tbsp

FenuGreek seeds : 5 to 6

lemon juice: as your convenience

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

coriander: 2 or more tbsp/ as your convience

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the Rava [wheat] for soaking 1 hour before making it.

Add lemon juice if Yogurt is not sour, otherwise add Yogurt , Fenugreek seeds, a paste of green chilly , cumin powder, etc .

Stir it well and add Bicarbonate soda, sugar, etc .

Now take the cooker tiffin , pour some oil in it. Spread oil in it.

Pour paste of Dhokla mix in the tiffin .

Now take the cooker add some water to it, Keep tiffin of batter in it. Remove whistle of lid. Keep lid tight to the cooker.

Keep the cooker for 15 minutes. Now remove the lid .

Keep [phodani] to pour on it. Spread some coriander on it.

Serve it with garlic chutney.

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