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Method To Make Yogurt- Why To Eat,Not To Eat-Health

Yogurt why to eat and why not to eat?

Method   to make  Yogurt –  Benefits, eating disorder

   So many people are eating Yogurt and we are getting a lot of benefits in our tradition. But we have to eat it by keeping scientific approach, with keeping awareness, with season trend must have to eat. Otherwise, it is harmful to us . BENEFITS

The Yogurt which we are making from our Indian cow’s is really very important medicine as well as good for health. There was information in the ‘’PADMPURAN’’ that after eating Yogurt it will influence 20 nights.  Ayurveda tells us that Indian cow’s Yogurt is very important in comparison to other cows. This Yogurt is melody, sweet and  has more properties,It feels juicy, acidic, warm, delicious, pure, bringing happiness, so that we see so many images of Krishna playing with curds . If only we can see this type of Yogurt we get real happiness and eagerness to eat. BUTTERMILK

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This yogurt also increases appetite, and gives good nutrition. It can keep heart calm and cool; it removes Vata, cough, and acidity. It can increase ‘’Shukra Dhatu’’ Veerys’’and increases strength  in the muscles. Its upside cream can  Increase ‘’SHUKRA’’ in the body.

These benefits are getting to us due to our Indian cows .It couldn’t get from another Jerseys, Holstein’s with these cows.  onlineshopping.

SUSHRUT  SAHINTA  Tells that  sweet curd increases cough and fats. Acidic curd increases acidity, More acidic curd makes impure to the blood. The curd which is not well prepared increase ‘’TRIDOSHA’’ In the body.


When small kids are suffering from dysentery then give upside part [liquid] of curd to them to get immediate relief.

The Cancer patient must have to give every day curd with basil leaves .In the 10 ml Basil leaves add 20 -30 gm curd it gives so many benefits. With this experiment so many patients have cured.

  • PUJYA ASARAM BAPUJI Tells us that if you want to eat curd, then don’t eat as it is. You have to churn it with buttermilk churner.
  • Making curd acidic or sweet is depending on how much curd you are using to make it. Cofta Curry Recipe -Buttermilk
  • To make perfect curd, milk should be pure.
  • Must have to warm milk in the earthen pot or in the stainless steel pot. So that some nutrients couldn’t be getting to lose the curd which is made in the earthen pot is very nice for the health. It becomes thick and sweet.
  • In my childhood, my mother was making small pit in the ground and she makes fire of Dung cakes , in that she keeps a big earthen pot which contains 2 or 3 lit milk*/-She completely keeps closed that pit. In the evening she opens that , that milk is completely turned in to pink color having a big cream on it. Some drops of ghee also prepared in that milk. If you will drink that type of milk you never drink other milk. So delicious taste for it. And from that warm milk she makes perfect curd. Which we never forget that type of curd and milk.

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  • If we will add curd in the hot milk it differentiate all parts of milk aside and create water in the curd not giving any type of taste.
  • Vice versa if you are making curd with cold milk it can’t be create a good curd. How much hot milk is getting to us from the breast of cows with that temperature we have to make curd?
  • First, we have to add 50- 60 gm curd in the milk and it has to add in the more milk.
  • If we will use curd of 2 days to make new curd, then it could be made more acidic.
  • In the winter season curd require more time to make so we have to add  curd and keep it tightly close with blankets.
  • The curd which are making from alum, lemon juice is harmful to us.

Now  we will see why to eat and why not to eat ?

The  curd which is made from slow gas boiled milk is very useful. It  can remove acidity, Vata, cough, gives delicious taste, increases minerals, appetite, so it is very nice to take.

  • Hemant.and Shishir  season [23 Oct  2019   to 18 Feb 2020]  is the best period to eat curd.
  • Eating curd with Moong dal is very beneficial. The person who is weak, and having VATA has to eat curd of Indian cows with Indian cow ghee.   The person who is affected with cough, has to eat it with honey. The person who is affected by acidity has to eat it with sugar powder and Amla.
  • Eating curd with old Jaggary is keeping away to you from Vata. It can increase Veerya , blood volume feels completely satisfied.
  • Dysentery, weakness affected people must have to eat this Dahi.
  • Avoid to eat curd everyday. The curd which is not made perfect must have to avoid.
  • SHARAD, VASANT, GRISHM season must have to avoid  eating curd. Our science tells that in the rainy season, eating curd is not giving any harm to us.
  • But with today’s’ atmosphere, it is not good to eat it .
  • Curd  creates pressure in the blood flow so never eat only curd.
  • To make curd hot for eating, eating cane sweets  with it, or banana’s with it , adding an ice ball in the curd brings a lot of disease  to us.
  • Never eat curd after sunset.
  • Stale curd or the curd  which is kept in the fridge is very harmful to us.
  • The person who is eating curd in the opposite way are suffering from temperature, blood acidity, herpes, skin diseases, anemia, a lot of Jaundice, fatness, sex diseases, diabetes , etc.
  • Irritations, blood flow from body, acidic, disease, flu, cough and cold, asthma, cough related diseases, temperature, arthritis, some skin diseases  due to blood impurity, loss of appetite has to avoid eating curd.

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