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Pizza Without Oven Eggs- Kids Recipe

Best pizza for kids without oven , eggs.

PIZZA is the styling craze of today’s generation, it is right now, as some food item are really gives challenge to make it and eat it. This Pizza is also of them. In Indian family so many kids are so eager to order Pizza that they feel that we are eating Pizza means celebrating some thing new in life. They prefer every time Pizza. In kids parties, in birthday parties along with cake, in the travelling , in the garden, in the big hotels everywhere.

Of them in our city Domino pizza is most welcome Pizza. We know that Pizza has so many tastes means red chilly powder taste, sauce taste, so many vegetables, sauce and so on , so it gives delicious taste .

Today I have received a mail from brand and they need pizza for kids, now at night at 12 oclock I have seen this mail. Yesterday was last day of week so fridge is complete empty ,there is no any vegetables now, how can I make Pizza , then thought what we have in the home we shall make from it and in this way I started to make it , Let us check how I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

15 30 45 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

cuisine: USA




Wheat flour: 200 gm

Yogurt: 50 ml

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

Bicarbonate soda: 1/2 teas

sugar: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 teas

cumin powder: 1tbsp

oil: 3 tbsp

khara or save: 1/2 bowl

tomato sauce: 1/2 bowl

RECIPE FOR IT: Keep the salt in Tawa for preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

:Take the wheat flour in the container,

: Add salt, Yogurt, sugar, baking powder, bicarbonate soda, cumin powder ,etc .

: Knead it well by adding some oil. Keep it to set for 5 min by covering lid on it.

: Now take some oil on your hand and again knead it to become smooth.

; Roll it slowly to make Pizza . Take another small dish , apply some oil to it .

: Now keep the Pizza in that dish and keep this pizza in the salt which we have kept for preheating.

: Keep the tight lid on it. Heat it for 25 min. Now take out Pizza from it and decorate it with khara ot anything.

: Your well prepared delicious Pizza is ready to eat.

pizza for kids/
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Pizza For Kids -Without Oven ,eggs/

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