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Kothimbir Vadi Recipe -Marathi Recipe

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This type of food is very famous in INDIA . Generally, these are making after marriage . In Maharashtra we say it is ”Mandav Thapani” means after marriage making this special dish as like Pithala and pouring it in the big Thali . Making it as Kothimbir Vadi .

We have at home also a small decorating ”Mandap” in which we are seating bride groom for worshiping Ganesha. After marriage we have to give him Naivdyam for each Wednesday. It is for 4 Wednesday. Then we are making above ”Kothimbir Vadi” and some sweet to Navaidyam.

Specialty of this item is that, it can make quickly and gives good taste . Everyone can eat it means small kid to old people. Good to digest, easy to bite, smooth, rich in protein with delicious taste. If we are getting good delicious taste with protein then is there need to eat out side proteins?

Let us check how to make it .

IKothimbir vadi recipe/
http://Kothimbir vadi Recipe/

Time for it

prep cook total

5 10 15 min

author’s name : Chhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Maharashtra

food type : Kothimbir vadi

keyword: Kothimbir vadi recipe- Marathi

serve for 4

Ingredients for it

Gram dal flour:250gm

Coriander: 100 gm [well chopped]

cumin powder: 2 tbsp


chilly powder: 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 teas

salt: 1tbsp

lemon juice: 2 tbsp

oil: 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

water: 250 lit

Kothimbir vadi recipe -Marathi recipe /
http://Kothimbir vadi recipe-Marathi recipe /

Method to make it : Take all ingredients ready .

: Take basen flour in the pot , add red chilly powder, turmeric powder, hing, salt, cumin powder, lemon juice, etc .

: Now add water to it and stir it well.

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it, add mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

: Now slowly pour this mixed material to it.

: Stir it well , Keep it on the medium gas to get small amount of steam.

: Now take another big thali, spread some oil in it and now pour cooked material to it.

: Make it uniform and spread coriander on it. Make its small cakes and serve it with poppy seeds.

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http://coriander for Kothimbir vadi/
IKothimbir vadi recipe /chhayaonline.commage may contain: food
Image may contain: food
http://Kothimbir vadi recipe/
IServed Kothimbit vadi/chhayaonline.commage may contain: food
http://served kothimbir vadi/

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