Salads Why Not To Eat More?- Salad Recipes

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Today we are very conscious regarding health. Now we have the full of information to eat fruits, dry fruits etc. We take this information without thinking and acting on it . But be aware while eating it, how to eat it? When to eat it? Which fruit we have to eat it in which season. 

 Generally speaking avoid eating fruits in the morning before eating anything. Eat fruits or salad after breakfast or lunch  

  We know that today we are getting fruits with chemical applied. We feel very good while looking to them but they are covered with full of dusts, germs and insects. If we will wash the fruits under the tap only with water the germs are remaining as it is on it. So we must have to wash fruits with Potassium Permanganate. Means we have to keep fruits as like apples, Banana’s grapes, Guavas in the potassium permanganate solution for 10 minutes and then you can wash it.  

  Avoid to drink water after eating salad.

collection of salads/
http://collection of salads/

Fruit contains large amount of sucrose, fructose, yeast, etc . If we will drink water after eating salads, it produces gaseous in the stomach.  It can bring full of swelling in the stomach.

Avoid to eat it more: If we think that fruits are very good for the health so we are continuously eating fruits then it can create pain in the stomach.

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http://collection of salads /

If we will drink water after eating fruits then definitely it will bring invitation to the dysentery. Sometimes makes us unconscious.

We have full of carbon dioxide in our stomach, if we will eat fruits without biting well, bacteria of stomach act on it and creates gaseous , Dhekar , etc .

Some people can’t digest raw fruits or pieces of it. For example small kids or old  people , for these people make juice or cook it in the cooker make its dessert and give to them it will give good effects on them.

Avoid eating cucumber in the morning without eating anything. It can create sneezing; we can suffer from flu or cough and cold. The person who is suffered from sinus never has to be eating cucumber.

Delivery  lady must have to avoid to eat raw  fruits as it creates lot of gaseous in her stomach. Her milk become cold and it can affect to the infant. They will suffer from gaseous, stomach pain or any liver problems. 

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