Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea

Doctor  Says How Much Coffee Is Useful To Our Health

I think these drinks are how lucky that our [human’s] life is started with these drinks. Really Coffee and tea  are not unhealthy for our life. But,  If we didn’t know it’s proportion how much we have to take it  then these are very harmful to us.

Aliv Ladoo

These drinks contains ‘’Antioxidants’’ .Tea contains flavonoids antioxidant and coffee contains ‘’Chlorogenic acid’’ These are antioxidants which are maintaining balance in the cells health as well as they are increasing immunity power of life.  Along with it they can help to overcome cancer, Alzheimer, heart diseases, so regarding it these drinks are very good to us.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /

Main problem of these drinks is they both are containing sugar. Cafe chino coffee contains cream. The person who is drinking more times coffee and tea  gets more calories. Due to its more calories we can increase our weight. So keeping these points in mind avoid drinking tea or coffee with more sugar, drinking it with less sugar. Or drink it without milk. But we didn’t like it to drink without milk. Some people are drinking it without milk but not getting any taste.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea/

If we will use buffalo’s milk to drink it then it contains more calories as well as fats so we must have to avoid it. You can drink it with cow‘s milk. If cow milk is not available add more water to that milk and make tea or coffee. So that you can control on your increasing weight.

If we will drink tea or coffee without milk it is very healthy for us .As milk contains ‘’Casein ‘’ protein . This protein reduces antioxidants from tea and coffee.

In a whole day we can drink 3 to 4 cup coffee or tea, but do not increase this proportion. Important point to mention here is before sleeping never take any drinks as like tea or coffee. It will create a lot of health problems. If you will observe your self. In any program or in any event if you have taken more times tea or coffee in a day. You can’t sleep at night. You didn’t understand this phenomenon. You only thinking that why did I can’t sleep today. But I have observed this experiment in my life a lot of times. While drinking it we didn’t understand what we are doing wrong with our health but after some time it will definitely shows a lot of problems in our life. So that at night drinking coffee and tea while sleeping is very unhealthy to us.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /

We know that coffee contains ‘’Caffeine ‘’ It gives us good energy to our body but if we will not control on its proportion it definitely creates poison in our body.

Let us check proportion of Caffeine  in the tea  and coffee.

*Black tea  ; 40 to 60 mg Caffeine  per cup

* Green tea : 25 mg /cup

* Espresso Coffee : 80 mg/cup

* Strong drip coffee: 140 mg/cup

*Instant coffee : 2 spoon coffee  60 mg .

Elder person has to drink 300 to 400 mg caffeine  with coffee.

The person who is sensitive to drink coffee he has to take only 100 to 120 mg caffeine .

Teen agers need  100 mg coffee per day and pregnant ladies can drink 200 mg. It may be less but not more.

Disadvantages Of More Drinking  Caffeine

  1] Sleep disorder

  2] Depression

3]   Anxiety

4] Increasing rate of heart beats

5] Increases blood pressure

4] Every time want to go to toilet

5] Pain in head.

How to use coffee to increase beauty of face.   

Instead health, coffee can be using for the purpose of hair and skin. It can keep hair and skin smooth with charming glow. Due to its some minerals’ and antioxidants it gives fresh look to the face and hair.

To look skin attractive we need more antioxidants, we can use coffee as a scrub. If we will make paste of coffee with a drop of water it can open our holes  of skin .

Check here coffee washed face.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /

To give color to the hair coffee is very good drink. To avoid some chemicals for our hair you can use coffee paste to your hair. It will give smooth and attractive look to your hair.

Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /
http://Advantageous ,Disadvantageous Of Coffee or Tea /


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