Tips For The Kitchen – Easy Cooking

Important tips for daily kitchen


1]   Everyone’s heart of life is  their kitchen. As this kitchen maintain all our life. As If  we are not eating good food our mind gets disturbing. We need delicious, clean, useful food which can make good effects on our body. Means we will eat raw food as like chapatti, Rice,or any Subji it can cause pain in the abdomen or creates so many digestion problem. So we need food which can provide good health to us. It  must be well prepared and well cooked. Let us we will discuss here which kitchen tips we have to use in the kitchen.

1]  While making Dosa or Idali  to make it light add some Poha and granules of sugar along with Fenugreek seeds.

2] While soaking flour of Idali don’t add  baking powder or  soda instead add upper peel of onion in the soaked flour to fermented it good.

3] While making Pakode or Bhaji add corn flour to it.It will remove its oil and  Pakode become crunchy.

4] While making onion Pakode add  small amount of Rava to it , it will become crunchy.


1] Cut the lemon and keep it in the fridge it will reduce bad foul of the fridge.

2] Keep some essence in the fridge to get good smell.

3]In each month grind some salt in the mixture jar so that it can keep  maintains of inner parts of mixture jar.

4] To make Dahi Vade ,while using Dahi add some sugar in the milk to get good taste.

5]  Make paste of milk powder and keep it in the fridge to create  Khoya .

6] In the rainy season  keep some rice granules in the  matches  so that it can’t be get wet .

7] To make Dahi  at home add some lemon juice in the milk to make it thick.

8] Never keep Jaggary in the Aluminum tiffin , it can keep in the plastic tiffin or in the Bronze tiffin.

9] Keep some  cloves in the tiffin of sugar to avoid ants and some germs.

10]  Add some salt stones in the store  of Rice  to avoid to create germs in it.  

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Thank you for all the tips for cooking and cleanliness. Yes the kitchen is a very important place as we need nourishing food for good health and the kitchen need to be kept clean also. To keep food from going bad and to keep them from going bad. Hello from me from Brisbane Australia 🙂

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