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RUDRAKSH :   We know this name due to lord ‘’SHIVA’ As he always wearing these RUDRAKSH ‘’ We have a lot of stories regarding it. These stories  gives us plenty of knowledge and benefits of RUDRAKSH.


This  is the fruit of  1 tree . This tree  has medium height. Generally, It  can found in the NEPAL, BHUTAN AND KEDARNATH.  There  is outer cover on the fruit , when we  remove its cover we get RUDRAKSH inside it.  It has a hole but we must have to make it clean by removing its inside small sticks , etc.

This tree can be found above the sea level 3000 Meter high or it can be found below the sea level  3000 M.  These tress can grows in the short caves, they never grows on flat surface. Leaves of these trees are as like tamarind tree leaves. It can give 1K to 2K fruits.  Some ‘’Yati’’ in the Himalaya eats only RUDRAKSH fruits. We say it ‘’AMRUT FRUIT’ After eating this fruit  we didn’t feel thirsty.

About JAP OF RUDRAKSH :  Jap  doing with RUDRAKSH  mala is 1K times better then the JAP doing without wearing RUDRAKSH mala. It is the best JAP other than any mala JAP.

So that without RUDRAKSH mala JAP never gives any type of SIDDHI. Says some SHAIV people. To get more benefits from the RUDRAKSHMALA we have to bind it near to our neck . Ayurveda Says it is the acidic, heat removal and Ayu cough removal medicine. It can remove easily high blood pressure. , if we will keep it in the pot of red vessel at night and drink water of it in the morning it can remove 200 problems of your body. It may be mental or physical.

There is a say that, there is a power in the RUDRAKSH that to keep control on our living energy [PRANSHAKATI] . In ‘’SHIVLEELAMRUTA ‘’  11 part  there is a very nice story about RUDRAKASH.

Everyone can wear this RUDRAKSH .There is no any diversity to wear it. This garland is of 108 RUDRAKSH. 27  RUDRAKSH also makes 1 garland. The person who is wearing this garland must have to be lived pure and clean. The RUDRAKASH which has more thorns on his body is the attractive and charming. Pure RUDRAKSH can be settle down in the water, it never floats on the water. Some holy books says that if we will keep RUDRAKSH in between 2 dishes of copper it can be move round himself automatically.

Rudraksh  has  some mouths means it is the line between upside mouth to downside mouth. How much lines are present on the RUDRAKSH means it has that much mouths.

On the mouth of RUDRAKSH there is SHIVLINGA that is the best type of RUDRAKSH.

Rudraksh contains 3 parts 1] Rroot  is BRAHMA 2]  line is VISHNU and mouth is RUDRA

Thorns on the RUDRAKSH means GOD forms.

The person who is keeping RUDRAKSH  with him must have to avoid drink, onion, garlic , etc .He must have to eat simple ‘’SATVIK BHOJAN’’  This person must have to be live  in peaceful state.       

Rudrakash -Effective Medicine for mental , physical problems- Health /
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