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We know that, today’s generation become very fast . As time is running very fast . No one wants to be wait . Everyone wants success in less time. It is good as, life is short . But we didn’t care to the nature that what nature is telling about my body, my life, how can I will be remain happy in any situation ? We need material success fast. So we carry a lot of hurry along with a lot of anxiety, pressure, stress, worry etc . This phenomenon creates hyperthyroidism , heart diseases, kidney failure, brain hammering , etc. As we have to run in the competition. It’s Okay we must have to run in the competition , to get out side happiness. We are spending lots of money to increase our students confidence, to get success . It is very good to run life happily but, along with it if we will teach to our students and kids how to increase ”self esteem ” then whatever you may have any situation may be positive or negative you will never suffer from above diseases.

Today, if we will search the families we will see in every home there is a patient of hyperthyroidism . B. P. in the small age, sugar, kidney, etc. Students have lot of tension of competition so they are working with full of tension and carries above diseases.


With survey of WHO in 2015 there are 4280 people among 1 Lakh , who has death due to suddenly heart fail. Of them 37% persons under the age of 40 . Suddenly becoming heart off means ”Sudden Cardic Arrest” In this process heart beets are increasing rapidly and it gets off. There are so many reasons behind it.

1] Heredity ; If parents are effected from it, then its close relatives have the chance to suffer it.

2] BY BIRTH DEFAULT : Some youth have serious defects by birth , some of has not diagnosed correctly, no any treatment or operation with correct time . itmay be heart valve, irregulaty in heart beet, cardiomayopathy, conjestive heart failure, pumping of heart is very weak

3] Some Body Problems . : High blood pressure, cholestrol in the blood is out of control, increasing weight or obesity, diabetis, etc If these diseases are in the young period then it definitely creates heart problems.

4] EXTRA DISEASES. : Hyperthyroidism, pulmnary highpertension, electrolyte imbalance, In this diseases balance of heart beets become out of control and suddnely heart can be off.

5] ADDICTION : A lot of smoking, Cocen, Amfetamine, alcohol, do you know our famous ”Michel Jackson ‘ has death due to taking lots of pain killer.

If heart will suddnely off and that patient couldn’t reach in the small moment then 100% death will be there. These types of patients must have to carry immediately with cardiac ambulance and must have to admit in the ICU.

In the Ambulance or in the hospital , with the help of ”Automated Extarnal Defibrillator” has to give shock to the heart and lungs. Along with it his heart and lungs must have to work again with ‘CPR” means Cardio Pulmanary, Rissitetion’.

After getting off heart need the treatment in 4 to 7 minute. otherwise patient couldn’t be live.

Reason Behind Heart Attack In The Small Age -Health /
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