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Let us learn here how to be beautiful in olden days?

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Do you know in this world no one is there, to avoid the beauty of face and to look younger? Everyone wants to be younger. Everyone tried to look younger. Maybe a black person may be a handicapped person or anyone. To look younger is the sign of running life in happiness state full of enthusiasm. Otherwise, if our face is becoming pale and as like old people we feel disappointed and maybe we have to face depression. Anyway, whatever may be our face cut but, it should have charming on the face. As no one can challenge the charming of the face. Maybe you can do lots of makeup over the face or not, but, this charming is coming from inside the body. As we know that if anything negative case happened in our life. Our face shows automatically paleness on the face maybe you have a lot of makeup or not.

Generally, when we come across above 50 we have lots of problems regarding skin, that is black patches on the face, dark circles around the eyes, dark spot on the face, some pimples small irritations on the face. It is due to mental stress, mental problems, some tensions if our age is getting increasing our responsibilities also getting increasing. If we will not able to complete these responsibilities in the time it creates lots of problems in our life. These types of tensions make our beauty rough, creates a lot of skin problems, health, hair problems, etc.

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Under the Outer layer of our skin has some boxes which contain cologne and elastic proteins. These proteins bring glow and softness to the skin. With increasing age, these are getting reducing. So to keep the balance of it we just have to do the following things.

What To Do To Keep Skin Healthy? To remove wrinkles of the face we must have to make Masaj with oils, as Masaj clears the blockage of veins and increases the flow of the blood. so that this part automatically receive oxygen.

Must have to drink above 7 to 8 glass of water. In the morning must have to take lemon water along with honey regularly. Eat Papaya’s, raw cucumber, spinach soup, tomato soup, it can keep skin fresh with natural charming.

Try to avoid anger, hatred, any type of negative thinking towards you or for another person. Say or think yourself that I am the youngest and great beautician in the world.

Keep self-identity of yourself with any work so that you could feel proud of yourself and this type of thinking automatically brings charming on the face. Take enough sleep. Do some better things for the other persons as like family members, friends, etc, Always try to distribute love to every person, it can keep you warm and gets good satisfaction from it.

Think to yourself that God-given me everything, feel yourself that I am the richest person in the world. It can also be bringing charming on your face.

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Do some creative work every time as like worshiping God, praying the god, etc. These things bring charming on your face automatically.  

Do some creative work every time as like worshiping the God, praying the god, etc. These things bring charming on your face automatically.  

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