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Health Benefits Of Pure Ghee – Homemade

Let us read how to make it & what is its health importance so that Krishana always plays with it.

Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna's Pastimes of Stealing Butter ...
http://Krishna Bala Lila: Krishna’s Pastimes of Stealing Butter … Bhagavatam-katha /
How to make pure ghee at home -homemade/
http://How to make pure ghee at home -home made

How to make pure ghee? -Healthy

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Author : pranita deshpande

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We know that in India , there are so many stories regarding to prepare pure ghee. Since Krishana’s Bithday we are hearing stories of butter, how Krishana is stealing butter? Why did he likes butter and milk, ghee. I think he has to show health importance of it so he had made lots of stories and songs on butter, milk and Everyone likes butter,  pure ghee but didn’t know how to make it.?

Ghee is the best medicines for so many problems of them nose, eyes, hair fall , waist pain, weakness, rich supplement  for the proteins. We can make plenty of food products from pure ghee. Of them cow ghee is the best medicine for our sensitive organs. It can work as a good medicine for about 200 problems.

  Let us we will see how to make it ?

There is not need of so many ingredients for it .Only require cream of milk means thick curd.

 Ingredients for it

Thick Curd : 1/2 lit

 Let us see how can make it ?

There are a lot of methods to make it , today’s generation is fast generation so for the time I am always making it in the mixture jar.

1] Pour  the thick cream curd in to the mixture jar. 

2]Now move the mixture button and start to rotate the curd without adding water for 2 or 3 minutes.

3] It creates thick collection of  butter.But, we can’t say it is pure butter.

4] Now  add cold water to it . Pure butter is automatically floating on the surface of water. 

5] Now  collect the butter in the water and keep it to wash in the pure water.

6] Butter must have to wash clean as it can remove acidic nature of curd, to become clean, clear and pure butter.

7] Now keep this butter for the melting . Check the activity of melting. While it started to create gray color and spreading khaman smell of it .Off the gas.

8] We have pure ghee .Some black impurities are remaining down side of the ghee .So filter it after getting cool .

9] You will get pure ghee. You can add leaves of basil while melting it to get good smell.

10] Pure ghee can be identify with its smell .It can’t tell orally .Must have to experience it.


1] It can overcome hair fall by applying it with camphoor powder. As well as it can keep your head cool .

2] Gets dark sleep by eating it or by applying it on the head.

3] It can uses to make lots of cosmetics. It can apply on the face to get the nice glow on the face.

4] It contains rich amount of protein so it is using after delivery to maintain blood volume as well as proteins proportion which have been lost in the delivery or any injury or in any accident.

5] If we will eat it with rice at first in the Bhojan it can keep eyes cool.

6] If you have problem of hair fall continuously then pour it in the nostrils everyday while sleeping definitely hair fall problem can be finished.

7] Sometimes we feel that our eye sight has been getting reducing then pour this cow ghee in the nostrills while sleeping.

9] We can make lots of medicines from it as like Chavanprash , Some medicines etc .

10 ]I think it has lot of properties so Krishana always plays with the butter.

http://How to make pure ghee at home -homemade
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How to make pure ghee at home - homemade /
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