Lauki Ki Subji – Ridge Gourd Curry – Marathi

Author’s name _ Asha Digge

Cuisine -Indian

food type : Subji/curry

keyword : Lauki KI Subji- Ridge Gourd Curry -Marathi

Time for it

prep _ 10 min

cook _ 10 min

total -20 min

Lauki ki subji/
http://Lauki Ki Subji /


Lauki : 1/4 kg

peanut powder-3 tbsp

salt -1tbsp

garam masala- 1tbsp

chilly powder- 1 tbsp

oil – 2 tbsp

cumin seeds-1 tbsp

mustard seeds -tbsp

hing – 1 pinch

water – 1 glass

Lauki Ki subji/
http://Lauki ki subji/

Method to make it : Take the green fresh Lauki .

: Remove its peel and cut it into small pieces and keep aside.

: Pour oil to it , wait to splutter it . add cumin seeds, mustard seeds wait to splutter it.

Pour pinch of hing to it .

Now add pieces of washed laukies to it.

Add peanut powder, garam masala, chilly powder, turmeric powder , etc .

Keep the lid on it and pour water in the lid .

Keep flame of gas slow . After 5 minutes remove the lid slowly . click here to join new business.

Now automatically you will see juice of Subji is producing in the subji .

Now stir it well . Serve it with chapati or Roti. Join this affiliate program to increase your traffic.

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lauki ki subji /
http://Lauki Ki subji/


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