Healthy Breakfast -Oats

In today’s market Oats is easily available in the market. We can make Upma or so many breakfast recipes from it . So many are using it but, they didn’t know what’s its properities? How to use it? What are its benefits to keep our health better. Which problem it is removing? How can we use it , etc

Here are some its good properties.

It contains all constituents which are good for us. It is not only super food but we can make so many food items tasty with it. So you can start your day by eating OATS. You can add so many flavors along with it. So that today’s dietitian are giving more priority to the Oats.

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Let us learn here what are the benefits of it?

1] It contains suitable fiber, minerals, proteins and fats so we must have to include it in the regular diet. It has the property of Antioxidant so it can help to reduce your so many diseases.

2] It can remove easily cholesterol so it can prevent so many diseases of hearts so that it can keep balance of cholesterol in the blood volume.

3] Now we are doing a lot of efforts to reduce fatness or for weight loss but this Oats also works for all above problems. After taking Oats we feel satisfied and fulfill feeling. So easily we can control on our diet. health issues

4] It can work to reduce Asthma problem especially for the kids as it has powerful energy. So that if you want to keep away some diseases then must Include Oats for the kids. body obstacles

5] It is probably nutrient.

6] I can control sugar

7] They can include in Muffins, granola bars and cookies.

8]Oats contains a lot of important constituents , let us we discuss here which are these?

78 gm Oats contain following containts.

1]] Manganese : 191%of RDI

2]Phosphorous ; 41 % of the RDI

3]Magnesium : 34% of the RD I

4] Copper :24 5% of the RD I

5] Iron : 20% of the RDI

6] Zinc : 20% of the RDI

7] Folate : 11% of the RDI

8] Vitamin B1 : 39 % of the RDI

9] Vitamin B5 : 10% of the RDI


  1. I love oats – my today’s breakfast


    1. dpranita583 says:

      Very good, nice breakfast for everyone.

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  2. Oats is a very healthy breakfast and especially during winter when one can eat it warm 🙂

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      very true , we must have to keep it in regular diet.

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