You Won’t Eat Fast Food After Reading These Facts- Guaranteed- a to z series

I know definitely you will quit to eat fast food after reading this post.

You Won’t Eat Fast Food After Reading These Facts. Guaranteed

A guest author : Vikas Kumar

Everyone knows that too much of junk food can be bad for your health but have you ever thought how bad is it. Fast food may have made your life easier as you can quickly grab a bite before or after work and save time, but they come with some negative points.

Thanks to the growing consumerism, you now have fast food restaurants and stalls at every corner of the cities. You can easily find them or even order them online and they will be delivered to your home. Similarly you can easily order fresh food and green vegetables online at your doorstep using Big Basket Offers with discounted prices. But, it has many health risks that people are not aware of. You may have heard them many times, but here are some facts about fast food that will get you thinking real hard.


Fast food is quick to make, have lots of ingredients in huge amount, which is why eating them mindlessly is not healthy for body or mind.
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Here are some of the Worst effects of fast food on health

  • Fast food is term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Another way to define Fast food is that they are the food that contributes little or no nutrient value to the diet, but instead they provide excess calories, flavors, sugar and fats which have negative impact on your health.
  • Although Fast foods are good way to save time, it is not a proper way to get nutrition.  Some of the fast foods have no nutrition value and often than not they are high in fats, sugar and calories.
  • Common fast foods are like salted snacks foods, gum, candy, sweet desserts, fried foods and carbonated beverages. Other common fast food items are chips, pastries, sandwiches, Burger, kebab, pizza, fried chicken and fancy salads. The list also includes drinks like milkshakes and soft drinks.
  • Fast foods are pocket friendly and tastes good, but it has negative impact on your physical health. Consumption of sugar, artificial color and flavors and fats can give way to problems like attention deficit, anxiety, emotional instability lack of communication and frustration especially in kids.
  • Consumption of fast food is one of the main reasons for pre-mature ageing signs as the dermis is not properly oxygenated by the saturation of fats and artificial flavors. When you eat these foods for long term, you can develop hypertension, and high blood pressure. When you eat theses foods it causes an addictive pattern in your mind but in the end all you end up is being overweight, lethargic and not feeling good about yourself.  
  • The effects of junk food on health are not very good. From the heartburn to kidneys to liver problems, junk food items can cause a lot of problems for the vital organs in the body.
  • Fast foods are loaded with fat and calories and eating too much of them will have negative effects on your weight as you routinely take in more calories than you except.
  • Junk food contains large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol which in excess may put you at risk of heart disease these processed fast foods are often high in salt or sodium.
  • A diet that provides large amount of processed carbohydrate like those in candy in commercially baked goods and potato chips promotes insulin resistance. In insulin resistance some cells no longer responds to insulin which leads to high blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes.
  • Junk foods with low dietary fibber and lack of nutrition value is a man contributor towards breast cancer, since the contents of the fast food meal can make your vital organs like liver fatty and may cause inflammation. It can put a lot of pressure on them.  Also you can order food according to calorie chart from your favourite restaurant using Amazon Pay Swiggy Offers with great deals.
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The Bottom-Line            

Consumption of fast food can have much negative effect on your body, mind and your life. It is better to reduce the amount of fast food you eat and prefer homemade food instead, which is rich in nutrients and are prepared carefully. Of course you can have the fast food once in a while, but try to keep the number of times you eat to minimal.

A guest author : Vikas Kumar

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