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How To Make Wet Red Chilly Sauce- Sauce Recipes

This sauce is giving nice taste with Upma, or Roti.

This is very interesting thing that generally, we get wet red chilies in winter season .But, in last week I went in the vegetable market suddenly I got one lady was selling these chilies. And in the winter season I was searching for these chilies in the whole market and I didn’t have got it . I saw these chilies stumbled on that heap. So nice smell was coming from it. Then I asked her rate and bought it, my mother in law also like its thecha . Then I asked her can I make chilly sauce/ Then she told what you want you make but keep these chilies for me to make Thecha of it with lemon juice. So I kept some chilies for it and made chilly sauce of it.

Let us see how did I made it?

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Red chilly: 250 gm

salt:2 tbsp

lemon juice: 2 tbsp

cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

cloves 2

black peeper 2 to 3

sugar 50 gm


Take the wet red chilies and remove its stalks.

Take all ingredients in the thali , as like red chilies, salt, cumin seeds, garlic flakes, black peeper, cloves, sugar , etc

Add all these ingredients in the mixture jar . Grind it as like paste .

Now add lemon juice to it .

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serve it with chapati, Roti, bread , etc .

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