The Risk Of Night Work – Health Problems

Be alert ! To work at night.

Are   you working for night?  Be Alert

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  If you are working late at night then keep attention on following points.

Today every business has been converted into globalization so everyone has to face global competition. For that everyone has to work hard. To work with global market he has to seat late at night. The person who are working on the internet for any business must have to work late at night .But some research has been shown that how much danger to work late at night for the health?

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Night worker has damage to the DNA. Without sleeping forcefully if they are working hard then their DNA   couldn’t be form again or it can be stop to regenerate again. Anesthesia academy gernal report has shown all these facts. There reports shown that the people who are working late at night has reduces to form the genes 30% in comparison to the other people.


There research have shown that they have done this experiment with the people who are of age between 28 to 30 years. They   have given    3 days complete work at night and taken blood samples from them. While checking they have understood that they are creating less DNA in comparison with the other people.  There structure of DNA has been disturbed. And if DNA has been disturbed they have to be suffering the diseases which never are get cured completely.

is it unhealthy to work at night-health/
http://Is it unhealthy to work at night-health/

Some people has the bad habit since child hood  that is to watch the TV, Play rummy, take drinking, sit in the hotel for more time ,etc.


1] It can affect on their eyes. Means start irritation in the eyes are increases their contact lens no.

2] It can start headache or some brain problems, memory distraction, etc

3] Stars diabetes, lower blood pressure, may be start GOTU ARTHRITIES, , ETC .

4] Main important problem can be start that is acidity. Due to acidity all unbalancing of body starts. ›

5]  Acidity loses appetite, starts strokes, sometimes some people have habit to become unconscious , damages liver , it can also  damage gall bladder. Brings invitation to the liver cancer.

6] Acidity creates  skin problems as like irritations, scratches, pimples , patches on the skin , hair fall, etc .

 7] Starts digestion problem , sometimes  dysentery problems. Omitting, pain in abdomen , etc .

8] If working   only one place then it could start pain in back, waist pain, etc 

9] To get up next day it become very hard and disturb all timetable of life.

 Are you working for night? -health/
http://Is unhealthy to work at night-health/

Working night shifts may cause DNA …

10 ]  Some ladies have to be suffered from  waist pain  or white discharge, etc.

11]   White discharge loses protein of our body and feel very weak.

12]  Feeling very tired, losing consciousness  or attention in the work .

13] Skin become pale, loses glow and showing paleness on the face.

14] Creates   unbalance  while working with collogues as like in writing, speaking, teaching, or in so many activities.

15] Creates  a lot of body pain in the body. Increases anxiety, irritations, anger, uncertainty, etc.

16] Sometimes it can loses self confidence and creates mental disorder. 

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