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Jaw, Gum,Tooth Pain-Causes – Symptoms-Health

This habit is not easy habit but, it causes a lot of nerve problems

    Reason behind Less hearing? [New topics ] date 21/4/19

         Today everyone is running towards gadgets. Keeping headphones in the ear, listening continuously songs, watching movies, working on computer creating a lot of health problems. That is less hearing, paining in teeth, pain in ears. Etc

Of them pain in ear is very danger problem. We can’t do any work with it. It has no medicines. We must have to be use compulsory aid machine. To use this machine means we feel a big obstacle in our body but somehow old aged people are accepting it and using it., Gum,Tooth Pain-Causes – Symptoms-Health

PROBLEM OF LESS HEARING Less Hearing is a danger problem created due to teeth paining problem or due to our wrong method to clean our teeth and ears. So many people have the habit to clean their teeth after eating with small sticks. It can remove impurities but it creates pain in the jaws. This can increase pressure on the jaws and increase inflammation in the jaws. Due to this pressure some people can suffer from ‘’tempomendibular’’ syndrome. National health survey has detected that behind every 5 persons 1 person can easily suffer from it.

So many times people clean their teeth at night but in the morning, while getting up their mouth become heavy. But it can’t be understand that it is due to this syndrome. Some people have the problem to eat and to open the mouth. They have the pain on the one side of brain.

This problem is not coming in everyone’s life but the people whose teeth are not rising in the right position have to face more. So many people have up down or their teeth are in the zigzag motion .

This   position creates a lot of problems of teeth paining. Generally,  the persons who has straight teeth has no any problem of teeth.

WISDOM TEETH :Sometimes  the person who has ‘’Wisdom Teeth’’ at the coroner of mouth. This type of teeth didn’t is useful for any work in the mouth but it can create problems of teeth paining and unbalancing in another teeth. And so that all teeth have so many problems. I think ‘’Temporomandibular syndrome ‘’ It can cause by variety of medical problems. The TMJ connets to the lower jaw to the skull in front of ear.

Occur only in this case.

But it can create a lot of problems in the mouth.

 We will see here what problems it will create. ?

1] It creates bad breath in the mouth.

2]  It creates  problem in the eye vision .

3] Sometimes this type of pain is the invitation to the cancer. A lot of jaws cancer patient we have been seen in the hospital .

4]  It creates unbalancing in the all teeth. Due to it all teeth gets decaying.

5] It can increases inflammation in the gums causes scurvy in the mouth. 

6] Sometimes bleeding in the gum, ulcer of the mouth or cancer of the mouth can be created.

7] If our teeth are not working properly then we can’t in take sufficient food. We may have problem of constipation, stomach problems or stomach ulcers etc.

8] It can directly effect on our pronunciations, so that we can’t talk clearly and fluently.

9] It gives us feeling that we ‘’now we become old aged person’’ so we loses our confidence and Interest of life. 

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10] We feel exhausted ,tired, can’t talk properly etc. ticket
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