A Major Health Problems In Our Body – Health Issue

We are purposely postponing hunger but hunger creates negative thoughts in the mind, body pain, feeling tired,& weak.

  How body obstacles are dangerous to us –  Health Issues

  Modern world is running on time .Everyone has no time to take breath also. Working of every man become precious .In that sometimes we become so addict to the work that we forget or post pone to work on our body functions as like to  go to the toilet in time , to eat, to sleep, sometimes we are stopping to let go our excretory products . As we  have made plan for the work and to complete this plan in time it become very difficult  so we are ignoring all these things . But if we are made a long time for it , it will create harmful things in our body. We are suffering from danger diseases. The time which have saved for the business must have to waste to maintain our body. If we will not getting success in maintaining it then we have to left our body.
 maintain our body.

Let us discuss which postpone work is harmful to us

If we have stopped the stool and urine. :  If  we will not leave our excretory products in time .Then we have crumbs in our legs. Pain in head. Sometimes  a lot of pain in chest. Feeling low, vomiting comes every time. If we will tried to stop urine it brings irritations on the body, body start to paining , pain in the abdomen, if we will do it continuously it can create kidney stone. 

If we will tried to stop sneezing , eructate  and cough   : If we will stop to sneezing it will make pain in neck. Pain in head, or weakness .Never try  to stop cough  it will create vomiting , or starting to vibrate our heart or chest . Sometimes  more cough brings TB like diseases. Juice

By  stopping hunger, thirsty and sleep  :   Generally our best part of  ignoring any work is hunger . If we have a lot of work may be any person is so much talented or wise he definitely stops his hunger. We can’t stop another work easily but we can work on hunger easily. This is our belief system and so a  lot of time we are working keeping hunger with us.

But it create a lot of  side effects . Let us we will see here which are these?

So many times we forget  to drink water in time  then our throat become shrivel  and can’t speak properly. Creates a lot of heat in the body. Urine infections ,Feeling  lazy, tired etc .

We are purposely postponing hunger but hunger creates negative thoughts in the mind, body pain, feeling tiredand weak. Didn’t want to work in any field, face become   peel . Pain in legs, head and all parts of the body . Sometimes create a lot of stress, anger, anxiety etc.
benefits of ginger

Avoiding sleep  produce  so many effects on our body.  : Loosing memory, getting disturb with our work .Feeling tired, weakness, paleness, not capacity to do  work etc. Pain in body, unaware feeling heavy feeling in the head and eyes.

So these are the important body facts to run it at proper time.  


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