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How To Make Punchamrut – Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Punchamrut Recipe for God – Health Benefits

Have you heard this word ? This word is very important since so many years as this recipe is for the God shake. You know that amrut word is for the liquid who can save our life. Or if you want to live life long then take this Punchamrut everyday . It has so many benefits. There are so many types to make it. It works as a good medicine for so many regular health problems.

Let us see how to make it ?

time for it 5 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine – Indian

food type -Punchaamrut

Keyword :Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Serve for many


Milk -1/2cup

sugar -2 tbsp

Dahi – 1/4 cup

ghee – 1 tbsp

Honey _ 1/2 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take milk in the small glass.

Add given amount of Dahi to it .

Add sugar and stir it well .

Add ghee and honey to it.

Now stir it well. Give to the God for worshiping . It has many benefits but, do you know when? When we apply it for God and then using it. Otherwise if you will decide to make it for your convenience it doesn’t work, not giving any benefits, no any taste.

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There are 2 types of Punchaamrut , it is using to bath KRISHANA and GODDESS. While bathing Goddess bananas are adding that Punchamruta.

Now we will see what are the benefits of it?

1] It can work as a good antioxidant for the body . Easily reduces problem of acidity.

2] It can work as a good medicine for hypothyroidism, gives good relief to the throat as well as usephegous .

3] Makes digestion, circulation of blood properly.

4] Keeps man active for full day .

5] Gives good look to the skin. There is no need to take any another treatment for skin .

6] It will give removes black spot on the face and glitters your skin . By applying on the skin as well in taking.

7] Reduces weight automatically . Works on cough, cold etc .

8] If you have heat problem , piles, irritations in the body, patches on the skin, constipation , urine infection ,etc . It can remove every problem if you will take it in the morning. after worshiping God.

9] Works as a good medicine for the lot of problems .

10] If you will take in the morning regularly , your look will change as like God.

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