Healthy Benefits Of Green Basil Leaves – Health Benefit

What are the healthy benefits of Basil leaves – Basil Leaves

We know that everyone in India is familiar with basil leaves. We have the Sansakar from childhood that to worship the plant of Basil or pluck the leaves of it and put it on the GOD KRISHNA. There is a say that if we will keep one leaf everyday to the KRISHNA then he will remove our all sins .

I didn’t know about it’s experience but definitely I will say that KRISHNA will remove your problems are not ,but, BASIL leaves definitely remove your all problems 100% .It may be physical, mental, emotional, chemical, environmental ,etc .

In India our ancient sage has given more importance to the plant .I think all medical inventions and benefits we are getting from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the real source of information. It gives us plenty of knowledge that is spiritual, medical and general also. So we can say this branch is the form of God .As we get everything from it.


Since I have been suffered from thyroid , while taking tablets I have tons of problems means if tablet become more it creates problems as like swelling, increasing weight etc .If tablet is less then also it creating a lots of problems as like looking weak , irritations etc .

With the help of AYURVEDA treatment I have started to take everyday tea of Basil leaves .My all problems has been vanished . Means pain in throat, cough, cold , infection in throat etc. But be careful that how much we have to take it ? Otherwise it can also creates another problem as like increasing heat in the body or another skin problems.


  • Use its fresh flowers forĀ bronchitis. It can remove cough and cold problems.
  • It’s leaves and seeds with black peeper gives good result for malaria.
  • Whole plant is useful for diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
  • Its pill and ointment form for skin problems.
  • Use the pill and ointment form forĀ  the patches of skin.
  • Alcoholic person’s stomach ulcers problems can also remove with it.
  • Our ancient parents tells us that soil [wet] or mud of Basil leaves can be useful for the insect bites .But today we are getting oil in the market to remove pain of insect bites.
    insect bites.


Many types of latest research has been shown that Basil plant has more therapeutic and nutritional value so it become compulsory plant for every family . As it contains Body benefits

1] Vitamin A and C in more proportion

2] Calcium

3] Zinc

4] iron

5] chlorophyll

Always take precaution while taking it . Ask your Doctor for how to use it?


All parts of the BASIL PLANT act as an adaptogon . This is a natural hormone which helps us to remove stress and make balance in mental disorder. This can help your mind to keep you cool.

We have 4 types of stress

which are

1] Chemical

2] physical

3] Mental

4] Emotional

It can work on all types of stress and gives good result to us.


  • stress
  • sexual problems
  • sleep problems
  • forgetfulness
  • exhaustion

AYURVEDA SAYS : Drinking tea with basil leaves everyday can reduce so many problems. Caution

If the students eat everyday 2 leaves in the morning and drink 1 glass of water they can keep their memory well throughout the day.


Extract made from Basil leaves can act as

  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • anti fungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic (a painkiller)

If you have mouth ulcer problems it can remove easily with it’s leaves .

Teeth paining, mouth breathe, memory, brain stroke, headche, throat pain, body pain, also removes it with daily drinking tea .

I think this basil leaves are useful in our tiny part of body also so spirituality has given more importance to this plant.

We know that ”Vithhal ” also like garlands of it . There are plenty of songs for the BASIL LEAVES ” about Vithala . I think definitely Vithhala wants that, people should learn the benefits of it .

Not only the benefits of BASIL LEAVES but the importance of VITTHAL” name have also tremendous benefit in our body. As when my mother has been suffered from paralysis she can’t lift up her left leg then i given her suggestion that \” YOU CAN RECITE THE MANTRA VITTHALA IN A RHYTHM WITH BEATING ON YOUR THIGH” She has done same experiment and she cures totally. She walks alone up to 20 m herself in 6 months .

Let it be we will see here H

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