Dosa Recipe[Rava Dosa] -How to make instant Dosa?

Rava Dosa – An Instant recipe

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On Sunday i soaked the Rava to make idali but in day time i didn’t have got time to make it . Now yesterday i decided to make it in the evening .

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I think that this DOSA word came from South India otherwise we Maharashtrian say ”Dhirde” In our childhood my mother was making it.

What is her way to make it i will tell you . She informs to all neighbors that tomorrow i am making DHIRDE .Then she took a big pan of 5 kg & soaks Jowar & wheat flour in it. There was no Tawa to make it then she wonders in neighbors home & bringing Tawa to make it.

http://Rava dosa / 

http://Rava Dosa /

There were a lot of mangoes in our home then we were making more than 5 lit juice of mangoes.

Then my mother was sitting to make Dhirde in the early morning .She gives that Dhirde at least in 5 neighbors home or calling to the neighbors ladies to eat it .Otherwise some guest have been also already there to eat it.

Rava Dosa Recipe: An Instant recipe

Today if we have to make for our family it is getting very hard , how life has been changed ? What progress we have made? I am getting sometimes irritating with it .Anything make at home no sharing , no food has to given anyone. Today also i can’t eat any food without sharing to anyone .At least i am giving to the birds , then if cow came on the door then keeping watch on her & giving everyday 1 chapati to her. Sometimes if cow is not there then i am giving 1 Roti to the Dog . But without sharing not eating any food in everyday life also.

Let it be we will see here How did i have made instant Rava Dosa?

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Dosa recipe


time for it

prep cook total

10 20 30 total

soaking time for Rava is 2 to 3 hour sufficient .


Rava : 2 bowls

Fenugreek seeds : 4 to 5 while soaking.

sugar : 4 to 5 granules

soda bicarbonate : 1 teas

salt : 1 tab

water : As your convenience

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Keep  the Rava to soak for 2 hours   

: Add salt, cumin powder , soda bicarbonate to it.

                                               :  Keep Tawa on the gas , wait to heat it . 

: If Tawa is well heated there is no need to pour oil on it But for good taste you can apply some oil on it .

Now pour batter on it instantly & spread it continuously .

Wait to heat it , now bake it on the other side .

Serve it with chutney.


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  1. dpranita583 says:

    The best way to keep kids happy anytime.

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