Green Chilly Thecha With Lemon – Green Chilly Achar[winter special ]

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Hi friends, do you know this is the season of winter .We like to eat green chilly it may be whole green chilly or in the form of Thecha & so many types .

In my childhood my mother was making it in the form of whole green chilly .She was breaking green chilly like we are making operation of the stomach . Filling Saran to it. It gives very nice taste after some time . We are eating it as it is with Jowar Roti. Or if we will go in the field we are taking only Roti & 2 green chilly on it eating it in the green filed with green cucumber or carrot or peanut etc .It gives so tasty taste .We can’t explain here. How much Roti we are eating with it also can’t get understand to it.

My mother was making Achar of it & keeping it in the earthen pot .When we need it was keeping in the small bowl by pouring oil on it & serving it in the Bhojan .

My Mother in law also makes good Achar but is is of another type . I will make it one day .

Let us see how i made today Green Chilly Thecha?


Prep cook total

20 20 40 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type . : Achar OR PICKLE


Ingredients for it

Green chilly : 1/2 kg

mustard dal : 250 gm

lemon juice & lemon : 2 tab 2 lemons

mutter : 1/2 bowl

hing : 1 teas

turmeric powder : 1 tab

cumin powder : 2 tabs

salt : 1/2 bowl

Fenugreek seeds powder : 1/2 teas

Oil for spluttering : 1/2 bowl

mustard seeds : 2 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   Take green chilly by removing  stalks of it . 

: Grind it in the mixture with salt .

: Now take it in the big bowl ,

: Add cumin powder, salt, turmeric powder, salt,

:Mustard seeds dal , Fenugreek seeds powder, Hing ,

Sugar to taste, lemon juice & pieces of lemon etc .

:Mix it properly & fill it in the jar.


green chilly thecha with lemon
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