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Happy New Year Recipe[2020] Along With Best Wishes -Cake Recipe

Happy new year cake with happy new year wishes.

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Cake recipe – Wishing you happy new year.

http://Happy new year recipe- cake recipe /

Hi friends, today everyone is enjoying their life with their perception . Means some are going in the temple to get good blessings , some are going on the beach or in the resorts to enjoy life. Some are making their big fans to work and enjoy life. Actually they are working on it , helping each other . Social media has made everything easy. Mix up instantly be the productive and ready to work everywhere means emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, politically etc . So this is the very nice way to collect and interact with each other to work in a progress.


When we are interacting with each other may be we are in contact or not but automatically energy of group working for good things and everyone becomes happy . It creates good feelings, positive energy, good thoughts in everyone’s mind .I think that so many people are hating towards social media but I think if you are working on your mind then why did you are giving blame to anyone? Vise

varsa social media has brought all people together . Then why there is question?

Today I have made Chikoo Cake Recipe

time for it

prep cook total

10 20 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type – Cake Recipe

KEYWORD : Happy new year recipe along with best wishes -Cake Recipe

Serve for 4


Wheat flour- 2 bowls

Chikoo juice-1 bowl

butter 2 tbsp

sugar powder 1/2 bowl

baking powder 2 tbsp

Bicarbonate soda 1 tbsp

salt 1/2 tbsp


Take wheat flour in the jar and keep aside .

Take butter, sugar, bicarbonate soda, baking powder, milk cream in the another jar and whisk it with wire gauze.

Add all these material in the wheat flour and whisk it with wire gauze continuously for 5 minutes .

Keep it this mixture as it is for 10 minutes .

: Now keep this tiffin in the cooker for 20 min .

: After 20 minutes you will get well known cake to celebrate Happy new year.


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