Pineapple,delicious, cake without eggs,oven -Christmas Recipe.

Pineapple cake recipe without eggs -Christmas Special .

Pine apple cake recipe [Christmas special] -Without oven .

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Pine apple this fruit looking very dangerous.By looking to this fruit we will think that this never be fruit but who has invented don’t know. Of them if it is sweet then good otherwise if it will sour then everything is useless.While making cake or it’s juice may be we will provide a lot of sugar to that recipe but these recipes never gives good taste .

Why did it has name Pine apple? As apple tree is totally different from it .Many times we didn’t get any reference of this fruit in so many holy books .

Okay let it be since so many days i want to make Pine apple cake but today i have tried to make it . christmas cake recipe

Time for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : Newzeland

food type : cake


Serve for 4


pine apple – 250 gm [slice]

sugar : 1 bowl

salt : 1 pinch

all purpose flour : 1 bowl

baking powder : 2 tabs

bicarbonate soda : 1 tab

butter : 1/2 bowl

condensed milk : 1/2 bowl

cardamom powder : 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT  :  Take the pine apple Coast

: Remove it’s peel & grate it with slicer

: Boil it with water for a while [1 min] to make it smooth . 

: Now filter it. Keep the juice & pine apple aside.

: Now take another pot pour butter, baking soda, sugar, salt to it & mash it with wire gauze & keep aside .

Now add all purpose flour , pine apple, condensed milk, pine apple juice & stir it well.

Add this mixture to the upside smashed mixture & stir it well.

Now keep the cooker on the gas , pour salt to it . Keep it to heat for 2 min.

Keep the tiffin of mixture slowly on the salt , Give it heat for 15 min with medium gas .

: After 15 minutes put off the gas .

Crushed Pineapple Fruitcake Recipe –

Your well prepared cake is ready to eat.




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