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  Hi friends , now you may be tell me  think that this is the winter we want some hot & warm food & you are giving us Juice .How is your way to treat the audience ? or food lovers. I know it but sometimes for the good health we must have to break some nature’s rule in the simple way. We know that any juice is the best nutrition for the kids as well as any patient or any weak person who had lost his appetite  & taste. This Juice is more welcome for everyone as it contains more nutrient value food . Why did we are selecting Juice you know? .Juice makes digestion easily as well as it makes easily assimilation . So it directly enters in the blood vessels & helps to increase the blood volume as well as keeping blood circulation clear. 

I think that in place of fruits if we will make juice of fruits along with some high nutrient value food then it will work better for everyone especially for the patient as well  as small kids. 

Let us see how i have made Juice here ?

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine      :  Indian

food type    :   Fruit juice


serve   for   :4 

time  for it 

prep cook total 

20         10      30 min 

pine apple 1/2

almonds: 7 to 8

cashew nuts  4 to 5

Basil leaves    6  to 7

Malai Pedha 2

Milk     2  glass

sugar   1 bowl [small]

caradamom  powder  1 teas

PROCEDURE   FOR IT    :   Take     the pineapple , remove it’s peel & keep aside. 

                                                     : Now make it’s round slice & keep  aside . Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes – Modern Honey


                                                      : Cut it in to small pieces & meanwhile keep ready another                                                          ingredients in the thali. Allrecipes.com

                                                     : Here i have purposely added basil leaves in the juice so that it can work for cough & cold & gives nice taste to the juice. Juice Recipes:

                                                    : Now add pineapple pieces, Malai Pedha ,sugar, almonds, cashew nuts, basil leaves  in the juicer . fruit juice recipes

   Add some milk to it & start to make juice . Again add milk  & grind it in the mixture jar . 

: Now add caradamom powder to it & mix it properly. 

 : Serve it to your loved one. 

:I have added one amazon link for the mixture product .Please Buy it as it is Best seller item & help us to run my business. 

pineapple slice
slices of pine apple /chhayaonline.com
Juice's ingredients
Ingredients for juice/chhayaonline.com
Ingredients in the pot.
ingredients for the juice in the pot /chhayaonline.com
Juice in the jar/chhayaonline.com
preparing juice in the jar /chhayaonline.com



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  1. Its really a healthy one, will love to try.

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    1. dpranita583 says:

      thanks, try, always welcome.

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    2. dpranita583 says:

      Okay, try to make it .

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