Drum Stick Leaves Raita- Moringa Leaves

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Moringa Leaves Raita – Easy Recipe  

Raita Recipes _ How to make it Instantly?

Raita Recipe _ In 3 minute 

   Hell friends , today I want to tell you how I have  decided to make Raita Recipe Instantly. We have a big tree in our garden . Since so many days I want to make Raita of it but not getting opportunity  to make it ,today I am busy in the home to talk with my guests & some friends so no time to make another time consuming recipe .Then I am getting too much confused what to make in the small interval of time & suddenly a flash of light came in my mind & decided to make Drum stick leaves Raita  . 

Now i started to make it 

Time for it 

prep cook total 

2 min   3       5 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine       :     Indian 

food type     : Raita recipes 


serve  for 2 


Moringa  leaves   : 1 bowl 

  Skutt       :       1/2 bowl 

garam masala :    1 tbsp

cumin powder    : 1 tbsp 

salt     : 1 tbsp 

sugar   :    1 tbsp 

curd    :    1/2 bowl 


   Take Moringa  leaves , wash it , cut it with hands & keep to boil it . 

Mean while prepare all ingredients in one thali. 

Now grind the Moringa leaves in the mixture & take it to make it’s Raita. 

Check have you taken all ingredients that is Skutt, sugar, salt, cumin powder, garam masala, & hing . 

Now take on e big bowl add boiled & grind ed Miringa leaves to it .   

Now add all ingredients one by one . 

Stir it well .Serve it with Roti or Chapati.  

Drum stick leaves
moringa leaves/chhayaonline.com
Moringa Raita ingredients/chhayaonline.com
Ingredients for Raita


Well prepared Moringa Raita
well prepared Raita
Well prepared Moringa Raita
well prepared Raita

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