Green chilly peanut chutney recipe – Cooking

How to make Mirchaamrut? – Green chilly Marathi How To Make Mirachaamrut? – Green Chilly [Marathi]

  Recipe to make green chilly chutney [Marathi] 

 Every time we are making chutney by grinding in the mixture but here  in Maharashtra if 

there is a celebration of any festival  & if we have made Puran Poli then we must have to make 

this Mirachaamrut. In my sister’s home there is a small spiritual program of ”BHAGAWAT KATHA” For it we have made it.  This Mirach amrut  is a nice side dish with Puran Poli . This gives very nice taste as it’s method is totally different from common chutney. If we will make it any time for a regular meal or Bhojan it can’t give good taste .But in the festival if we will make it instantly it has nice & delicious taste . Let us we will see how to make it ? 


prep cook total 

15         10     25 min 

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine    :   Indian 

food type : chutney 

Keyword : Recipe to make green chilly chutney, Green chilly chutney by cooking, 

serve for many 


green chillies  : 1/2 kg 

lemon juice or tamarind juice :  1 cup 

Jaggary    :    100 gm 

Garam masala  :    2 tab 

 curry leaves  : 2 tab 

cumin powder :   2 tab 

Skutt :    2 bowls 

Home made metkut :   1/2 bowl 

 oil    :   1/2 bowl 

mustard seeds  :   1 tab 

Hing    :   1 pinch 

coriander   : 2 tab [chopped] 

water         : 1 glass. 

salt             : As your convenience 

turmeric powder :    1 tab    

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PROCEDURE   FOR IT :  Take green chilies in a big thali . Wash it with clean water . 

                                                       Make it’s small pieces  & keep a side .

                                                      : Make the lemon juice ready & keep aside. 

                                                      : Now keep the pan on the gas , add oil to it . 

                                                     : Add Mustard seeds, cumin seeds  & wait to splutter it 

                                                     : Now add curry leaves , hing to it & fry it well. 

                                                     : Now add pieces of green chilly to it & fry it well . 

                                                     :  Add Skutt, home made metkut, garam masala, salt,                                                                    turmeric powder &  stir it well . Keep lid on it for a while . 

                                                    : Now slowly add lemon juice, jaggary , coriander , turmeric                                                        powder to  it.

                                                : Now slowly add 1 glass of water & keep it to cook for 3                                                                minutes. 

                                                : After a while close off the gas & serve it in the NAIVYDAM.   

Mirachaamrut -festival /celebration recipe.


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