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Yesterday we have celebrated ”TULSI VIVAH ” & I called to so many ladies for haldi kumkum . 

We are talking about this festival & at last my 1 friend came late to my home & while talking to her suddenly i remembered my childhood days of KARTIK  Month .Do you know this Month gives us a lot of benefits along with some entertainment as well as heal us spiritually .But we must have to understand how to realize it?  

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When i had been in 4th std  at that time my mother has started to make VRUT of Kartik Month. 

Means she was getting up early means at 3: 00 A.M . in the morning ringing a bell to woke up the all another ladies .Then she cleans the house & bathe & rings another bell at 4:00 A.M. to call the ladies .  Then i too also getting up early & bathing early .Meanwhile some ladies are coming in my home for singing devotee songs one by one . Everyone bringing some things [food ] from their home.Some ladies are bringing fresh milk, Curd, some are butter some are bringing POHA , flowers So many are bringing a big THALI’S ” of Aarti with it.

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& Sitting in a queue at my home.   

My elder sister ” Sindhu” getting ready to make POOJA OF lord Krishana . She keeps  square like short table keeping LORD VISHNU’S PHOTO & sitting in front of it by taking all apparatus of worshiping.   Enlightening  so many lamps along side with it. Keeping middle size ”KRISHANA ” Idol on the table . I too also sitting near with her. 

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chhayaonline.com Importance of Kartik Month

Now we are starting a devotee song since getting up to the GOD to complete celebration of GOD worshiping. Of them getting up to GOD 2 songs , then  bathing him 1 song, Keeping Tilak on his forehead 1 song, wearing him beautiful clothes 1 song, now drawing Rangoli for him 1 song , for his every acting 1 song like garlanding him  . giving him Tulsi ,giving milk, butter, bhojan, Pan, Aarti , then Punishment song for us if we have done anything wrong with him . 

Some another ladies also singing another devotee songs still some songs i am remembering  now .Sometimes  i  am  singing that songs today also. One day my senior elder sister was sitting to worship God & started to sing Aarati , then suddenly i have learnt one Ganesha’s new Aarti & i want too sing that Aarti on that day so i started to sing it & my sister had been stopped me to sing it. I started to cry loudly crawling on the ground , getting angry with my sister.Why did she not allowed to sing a Aarti & how much i became unhappy you know till today also automatically tears comes in my eyes if i remember that scence .This is my GOD’S love since child hood.    

Importance Of Kartik Month-Spiritual  

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Then we are collecting all milk, Curd , sugar in a container to make ”GOPALKALA ” 

At that time there was no any tap system for water so we must have to bring water from our river it is almost 1 km away from our home but still we all friends collect at one place taking POOJA THALI & went to the river .There was silent, blue colour river water was flowing from south to west. Now we are making BOATS of paper keeping JYOT to it & by enlightening it sending it in the river .We all our friends making some new designs or ”SWASTIK ” from it .Looking very glorious & beautiful . We never forget that beauty & these days of my life getting tremendous happiness while doing Pooja & sending ”Diya’s in the river water. Then we are waiting there to see how much time our ‘Diva ” will burn ? Whose ”Diya”will burn more time?

Then we are bringing water at home from that river. 

Singing a song at river also, looking very beautiful .Feeling calm & satisfied as we have already filled to much information about God before morning. 

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Sometimes we went  to the temple after making Pooja 

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Importance Of Kartik Month – Memories 

Importance Of Kartik Month –  Spiritual 

How to become spiritual in Kartik Month? -pranita deshpande 

Be spiritual in Kartik Month