Apple Salad- Thanks giving day

apple salad 

    Today everyone is becoming alert about food . Food is the real source of life it can effect on our body, mind & behavior. This food if we are not ate with rule’s of nature it can create poison in our life. Our mind also getting disturber ed with it ,to keep our mind fresh & clean we must have to eat fresh organic food  . Nature is a big source of food but we must have the knowledge that how to get food from the nature. How much effort have to be do to cultivate the food? etc The person who is getting ready made food  not thinking about more as he had given so much amount to the food . But some things are so valuable that we can’t make value of it any cost .It may be food or person or tree. But when we have converted it into profession it makes difference in our life & that food become sometime poison. So we must have to keep respect of food in the form of Thanks giving day. Thanks to the person who has invented this day for the food . As we didn’t give back to the nature what he gives us?So always we must have to carry good intention behind any karma with nature. 

   Let us we shall see how today i have made apple salad with so many contents. 

 Time for it prep cook total 

5            5       10 min 

   Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

    food  type        : Apple salad

  keyword        : apple salad, thanks giving day 

  Cuisine   : Indian 

 serve for 2 


Apple : 1 

cucumber  : 1 

pomegranate : 1

butter     :     2 tabs 

basil leaves   :   2

mint leaves    : 2

Apple Salad,#vegetarian, Thanks giving day, Vegan, #instant, easy. #healthy. Apple salad-fresh 

  PROCEDURE FOR IT    : Take the fruits apple, pomegranate, cucumber 

                                                 : Cut it into small pieces , add some sugar, pinch of                                                        salt to it 

                                             :  Serve it with mint leaves & basil leaves . 

                                          : Both leaves gives good smell &taste to it. 

                                            : It can serve after breakfast or lunch or dinner anytime. 

 Benefits of it : Make digestion easily 

                                Increases blood volume,

                             :Keep away cold & cough as mint & basil leaves are there ,. 

                         :  Gives good taste, calories, energy etc. 




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