#Say Yes To The World- If I Became Star In The Sky


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Today everyone is aware to travel all around the world so many are enjoying their life only in travelling. For that they are making so much plans .A lot of brands also helping to complete the dream of travelling with their efforts. Today travelling personality means one of the successful star in the world.So everyone wants to become star of travelling.  #Sayyestotheworld

We know that Star is the top most personality in the world .If any person is skilled in his profession then we say him that he is the”STAR  ” of that profession. We know that we are choosing many stars from different categories as like acting, singing, playing, writing, politics & in science along with spirituality we didn’t say he is the star of that profession.Why did i didn’t know you have to search for it. Maybe nowadays everywhere there is a discussion about ”STAR”  Everyone is deciding their  goal to travel around the world . I too also deciding to travel around the world but how if i become the star in the sky?  say yes to the world?

                Why did i have chosen this profession do you know?, As stars always wondering in the world but they didn’t have any types of worries. They didn’t have to do any thing for their ”PET POOJA” They didn’t have birth & death only enjoying in the sky .They also wondering in the sky but always jobless. So  one night i have a dream that i became star & started to wondering around the world & meeting to the planet.

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First i  went to the Jupiter & ask him Do you have good space to live human  life? Can you provide all facilities to the human beings to live there comfortably?  So many people are eager to live here can you welcome them with green plantation.?

Next i will visit to the ‘‘SHANI DEVATA’‘ everyone knows this ”DEVATA ” is very horrible to everyone. As she keeps everyone in the trouble .In India a lot of people are braking coconut in front of him & bathing him with the oil .But i think do you know? when did this ”DEVETA’‘ came in our life as a obstacle , then we have a lot of negativity  in our life. Really when we complete its some rituals with clean love & devotion it can overcome our negativity.

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Now i want to wonder all world when i came slightly down side i saw a wonderful world then i realized that is this  a heaven? .I thought that i came in the heaven.How nice buildings are there ?  How beautiful roads , gardens are there ?. All oceans also weaving with full of happiness as a lot of boats are running .How people are happy as they are travelling in the different types of vehicles some are travelling in the bus , some are in the long train, some are in the Aero plane, some are in the huge boats, but i didn’t have the chance to travel in these vans.Now i will pray to God that anyhow maybe a lot of happiness in so many people’s life but i need the birth of only human being .I am getting bored with this star life. #Lufthansa

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At  last i will meet to my loved planet Moon. This Moon makes tremendous change in everyone’s life .When Amovshya comes he is always hiding himself & this effects on the human beings. Due to Moon’s changing habits oceans & seas life changing then our common people’s life definitely changes. Means ”BHARTI & OHOTI” comes due to Moons changing habit. Then he can change our life also .Many accidents, bad incidents occurs due to Moon’s  this habit. This effects on man’s body & mind .As Moon changes his body people’s thought pattern also changes & this effects on their destiny. #Blindlist  To stop his this bad habit we all must have to go on the Moon &  must have to work on it.

I saw everywhere, is there any person on the earth to meet to the planets? So many people are refusing , some my friends are already reached on the Moon & on some planet so i decided con firmly that to make tremendous change on the earth i must have to become ”STAR IN THE SKY WITH MY WRITING PROFESSION”


#If I Became Star In The Sky? 







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