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Paratha Recipe _ Palak coriander paratha

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Yesterday i have made palak subji with basen flour & it was left in my home. In my family one time eaten subji not eating 2nd time. Then i kept it as it is in the fridge. Today i have a question what can i make as a food ?.Then my husband has to go early at 7:30 AM . So i made special subji capsicum subji for him . Then i saw we have buttermilk in the fridge then i decided to make Cofta curry from it, then i made it. Since so many days i am trying to make stuffed subji of capsicum but not getting an opportunity.So today i decided to make it. Then i have to make palak paratha with coriander along with Roti, chapatti & rice .This much food i have made only in 1 hour  along with singing a devotee song.

Then at first, i filled husband’s tiffin & send him in the office. Now i have to make paratha. To make a new food  in my home means i have a lot of fear that is anyone will eat it or not? They are not eating another food so i have to make so many types of food everyday .For everyone separate food. Anyway i decided to make palak paratha.

Here is it’s recipe .

time for it

prep cook total

5          20     25 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

CUISINE          :Indian

course            : Paratha

keyword      : Paratha recipes

serve for     2


Wheat flour  :   2 bowl [take flour as your convenience as how much yesterday’s                                           subji you have ]

stale subji    : 1 & 1/2 bowl

1/2 bowl

coriander     :   2 tab

ajawine       : 1 tab

cumin powder :  1 tab

hing                 : 1 pinch

salt   : as your convenience

chilly powder   : 1 tab

oil   :   1 bowl [small]

turmeric powder : 1 teas

no need of water to get good taste.

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take the wheat flour in the thali, add salt, chilly powder,

turmeric powder, ajawine, cumin powder, hing to it.

: Mix it properly now add palak subji to it . Mix it properly.

: Knead it continuously to become smooth.

: Take oil on the hand & knead it smoothly so that it could feel                                                     smooth as like cotton. Make its dough as you wish size.

: Now roll it slowly & make its paratha. Bake it both side by                                                  applying oil to it.


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