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Generally we are eating this food everyday.In India it is compulsory vegetable for Roti & chappati. No any Indian has complete or fullness feeling without eating it. Of them this type of dal fry is famous in the lot of DHABA. It can eat with tandoori . Tandoori is famous in so many places . A lot of people are making it on the Chula purposely as it has a delicious taste with it.

Making  this type of dal fry has many methods , so many are making by cooking dal separately. So many are making it by soaking it. This also giving a good taste.

Main difficulty to eat this type of food is that it creates a lot of acidity problems .So many have left to eat it .This dal has 2 types . Means there are 2 types of toors. One is white Toor & another one is red Toor.


If you will use red Toor dal it gives a good taste as well as it can’t effect on our health. We didn’t have any problem .But it must be organic .


Let us we will see how can we make dal fry?

prep cook total

10        15      25 min


Cuisine            : India

food type          : Dal recipes

serve for 3


Toor dal  :    1 bowl

tomato         :    3 middle size

palak           :    100 gm [well chopped]

coriander     :     2 tabs

garlic flakes  :   4 to 5

hing              :   1 pinch

ginger           : 1 /2 tab [grated]

cumin powder : 1tab

chilly powder : 1 tab

garam masala  : 1 tab

turmeric powder :   1teas

mustard seeds      : 1 tab

cumin seeds :     1 tab

oil                  :     1/2 bowl

salt        : As your convenience

PROCEDURE  FOR IT   :   Take 1 bowl toor dal wash it & keep aside,

: Keep it to cook by adding sufficient water to it.

: Take  2 or 3 whistles & put off the gas .


: Now remove the tiff in from cooker. add 1 teas turmeric                                                               powder & salt to it .

: Take all ingredients ready that is palak, coriander,tomatoSalad Recipe _ Fresh

:  Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it .

:  Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic paste etc .

:  Wait to splutter it  then add tomato, palak, coriander.

: Stir it well. Now  add garam masala, chilly powder, & fry it                                                       well.

:  Meanwhile crush the dal with spoon or wire guaze . Add                                                            hot water to it .

: Pour this dal into  the pan

: Stir it well & keep it boil for a while .

: Your ”DHABA STYLE” dal is ready to serve.



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