Sweet Potato Vrut Recipes _ Durgaashtami



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Durgaashtami  this world only gives us  something new information. On this day we are worshiping  books, notebooks, pens, some machines, computers & all weapons etc . It is say that on this day there  are more rays of Mahasarswati on the earth. If you want to take advantage of that rays then be ready to take it.So it can’t come automatically with you.If you want these rays learn how to keep body & mind clean.If these things are clear , clean along with broad mind & big heart everything of nature will automatically attract with you. In Indian culture when we are reciting ”DURGA STOTRA” MANTRA means we have to emerge our original qualities of soul. Everyday i am telling ”DURGA KAVACH” at my home. Click here to listen it carefully

In that author has mentioned  our every part of body with DURGA’S NAME . He mentioned that if you have faith on that stotra then keep attention & touch to the  every part of your  body by saying these 1000 names. He has explained that in which part which durga has hidden in our body. For example skin is protected by VAGDESHVARI, In our eyes ”SHAKHINI”

our cheeks are protected by ”KALIKABHAVANI” Tongue is protected by Sarswati.in this way our every part of body is protected by one DURGA which is hidden in our body.

You know why did spirituality? If we will emerge our inner qualities we didn’t need

any medicine .Before 5  years i have a lot of health problems of them acidity is main but what happens i didn’t know my acidity automatically gone without taking any medicine.

Why did i am telling you these important things? As today we are keeping fast for Ashtami  .Then we know that we have to make a lot of vrut recipes today i have made  SWEET POTATOES FINGERS .

Let us we will see how i made it?

We are using sweet potatoes to make chips, fingers, etc today i thought we shall make it with jaggary so started to make it here is the recipe.

Time for it

prep cook total

10        10      20min

author’s name : Pranita deshpande

CUISINE      :   Indian

foodtype  :   Sweet potato fingers

serve for   4


Sweet potatoes :   1/2 kg

ghee                  : 1/2 bowl

jaggary               :  1/4kg

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take the sweet potatoes & keep it in the water for a while

to remove its soil .

: Wash it 3 to 4 times clearly to remove its soil & dust .

:  Remove its peel & make its finger

: Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it .

: Now add the fingers to it & fry it well.

: Fry it well ,spread some water to it so that it could become                                                smooth. If you want crunchy then don’t spread water.

: Now add smooth jaggary to it.

:  Stir it well to make pakkum of it . Mix it well.

: Serve it as it is.






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