How To Make Shabudana Kheer? [Ekadashi]- Vrut Recipe

 Ekadashi Recipe – How to make Shabudana Kheer?

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This Dessert act as a best medicine in a lot of illness . In my childhood I remember  when anyone  had been become sick then my mother was making this type of Desserts .


It is useful to the diarrhea patient as well the patient who has been suffered from temperature, weakness, dysentery etc.  Process to make it is also very easy. If we will cook it in the milk it gives a very nice taste .If you have a headache then also we are making it .It is the best calcium supplement as well as rich in carbohydrates. When any lady has been delivered at that time old ladies are giving her this Desserts. It gives satisfied feeling  & we can sleep peacefully with it. Before delivery also it act as a pain killer, so  ancient ladies giving this Dessert to them . Juice Recipes -Pineapple Healthy  Juice

Let us we will see how to make it?

time for it

prep cook total

5          10    15 min

author’s name :  pranita deshpande

CUISINE         :India

food type   :   Desserts

serve for  1


Shabudana   1 bowl

sugar       3 to 4 spoon

cashew nut    4 to 5

almonds    4 to 5

raisins        4 to 5

cardamom powder    1 teas

milk           1 glass [big size]

ghee       1tbps

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take 1 bowl shabudana & keep it to soak for 4 to 5 hours . Banana Recipes -How to make Muffins?

Banana Recipes -How to make Muffins?

:  Keep the milk to boil on the middle flame .

: Take all ingredients ready .Add one by one ingredients to it.

: Add sugar to it & stir it well .

: At last add ghee to it & serve  it hot.